Website...what are your opinions please?

  AMD 4 ever 19:23 15 May 2003

I have attached my website, I would like some honest opinions as to perhaps things I can improve on. I appreciate that the pc's 4 sale part may not load correct(known issue)

Please honest opinions welcome!

click here

  IClaudio 19:35 15 May 2003

Very pretty - and I enjoyed playing Space Invaders after 20 years!


  -pops- 19:40 15 May 2003

Smart and business like - I like it. One very small niggle is that the blue bar at the bottom (with the ARB) could be a little narrower to allow more space for the active text.


  AMD 4 ever 19:41 15 May 2003

IClaudio...very pretty thanks!
Yea I love those games of yesteryear...wicked..Thanks for your time!

  AMD 4 ever 19:43 15 May 2003

-pops- a valid point, I too had thought this. I thank you for your time and comments

  leo49 19:49 15 May 2003

Are you building new PC's? As;

In your section 'My PC Builds offer many advantages.....' section, you say

'Branded quality used components'

which is a rather clumsy and ambiguous phrase IF you mean you only use ' quality,branded components' - and confused me at least.[maybe that's not difficult].The 'copy' in general could perhaps do with work but I like the overall design.

Good luck.

  AMD 4 ever 19:59 15 May 2003


Yes I build new PC's using new components, of which will only be branded...i.e Crucial,Western Digital.

Clumbsy it maybe, but you know wat it is like when you type, you always think that you're grammar/spelling is right. Iam sorry if Iconfused, it isnot intentional, just a slur...sorry! I shall ammend at the next upload!

Please explain the 'copy' in general lost me ...not hard i know!

  leo49 20:13 15 May 2003

'copy'=text. Probably me being picky but I feel[and obviously merely an opinion as worthless as anyone's] it needs a little polish for it to 'read'as one would expect on a professional business site.Your English[no offence intended] is a little quirky and a little at odds with the nice design and a high-tech product.As a customer,it would raise suspicion that perhaps you weren't really a professional outfit.

Please don't be offended or put out - you did ask for opinions and that's my impression.


  AMD 4 ever 20:24 15 May 2003

Leo49 strongwords...but hey I think Iam man enough to take it.

Yes ok, point taken...but on the flip side would my customers ather feel that Iam a down to earth person who they can communicate with, or a jumped up make sure every word is perfect twirp. Now that isn't a jibe back at you, but I put it on what Iam all about, that is all part of me, you may say un-professional...I say honest and down to earth. I agree I could have payed someone toclea/edit my text. For me to be perceived as loyal, down to earth, easy to contact,communiate with is far far more important than making sure my words flow as some might want to read it. I am not going off on one, and I really do appreciate your opinion, it's great feedback. Just wanted to keep it true and from m, not some little text editor geek!

No offense honestly intended.
Leo49, thanks for your input, perhaps I will see wht others think, and if I get out-voted then I will be forced perhaps to re-address my poor grammar-layout of text.

  AMD 4 ever 20:28 15 May 2003

Doesn't every company strive to be perceived as a bigger outfit than they usually are? It is all about marketing. I have worked with may large companies who have to start off small and young, but boast they are big to perhaps draw in the big fish if you like!

Off for a quick run now. See you all in mo.

  leo49 20:49 15 May 2003

No offence taken or meant. I appreciate your point of view and the qualities you wish to convey.It's a tricky balance to get just right. Let's hope there aren't too many like me amongst your potential customers. :o)

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