websites and are they safe

  Jameslayer 12:42 10 Oct 2010

Hi in another thread(cant find it) someone was asking if a website was safe for his friend. Well someone posted a link to this click here which is the gguardian site. So does that meen i cant trustthe links from the articles? As you need to give bank details.

  spuds 12:53 10 Oct 2010

Most of the sites mentioned in the article, either give cheques or vouchers as a 'cash incentive' to participate. And then it usually as certain rules regarding minimum and maximum amounts paid on effort.

It a site asks for bank details, then be a little cautious, and do some checking. And never give any details to an insecure website or email.A simple internet search usually provides sufficient information about a scheme.

The are quite a number of 100% companies, but there can also be the scam site. The more the website promises, the more you should 'think about it'.

  Jameslayer 13:48 10 Oct 2010
10th October 2010

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  lotvic 00:38 11 Oct 2010

panelbase seems ok, you can choose to have them send you a cheque if you don't want it paid into your bank. (FAQ: How will pay me my rewards?)

  Jameslayer 17:21 11 Oct 2010

I must admit you hear horror stories and to be honest. They are part of a article in a national newspaper. well their online section. So it must be the real thing.

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