Watford stonewalling customers

  User-6FAD0298-AD15-4C4D-822E03BC3B89AC47 12:46 07 Oct 2005

I recently ordered a new PC which was after a short delay due stock availablity delivered.

On setting it up I noticed the display was very poor and started investigating in display settings and Device Manager.

This showed that the specified graphics card was missing and that the processor was slower than the one I ordered. It's been about a week of e-mailing and phoning and nothing.....

How can I make them talk to me!!!!

  Confab 13:17 07 Oct 2005

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have now tried faxing. Wish I'd researched a bit more before ordering.

PA, how about a feature on Watford's customer service in your consumer section. Based on the the posts here, it would seem I'm not alone in my frustration. Appologies if you've already done so, I've missed a few issues.


  Forum Editor 17:04 07 Oct 2005

inviting them to join us here, in the forum, to discuss/resolve some of the problems that our members - their customers - have been reporting.

So far I have had no response - not even an acknowledgement.

although a genuine mistake is always possible, is supplying inferior systems with bit's missing but charging the full price fraud? it certainly must come under trade descriptions legislation

Refusing to respond to any communication attempts certainly gives the impression that I'm dealing with a dodgy outfit.

I only ordered from them as I'd seen the PCs reviewed in magazines and therefore assumed they were a reputable supplierand not a bunch of scammers.

I hope my suspissions are missplaced....

  Sibbo 17:24 07 Oct 2005

I must admit that I try to avoid using Watfords now and I only live down the road from them. However, in the past, whenever I had problems with them I found it best to e-mail their Director (Shirez Jezza) direct. That normally worked. He normally has an e-mail link on the website.

  Forum Editor 17:27 07 Oct 2005

I think we'll dispense with references to fraud, dodgy outfits, and "a bunch of scammers" if you don't mind.

Supplying a system with components missing could be down to inefficiency, carelessness,or simple human error - there's certainly no call for talking about fraud, you have absolutely no grounds for even suggesting such a possibility.

Any more posts along those lines will be deleted I'm afraid.

  Starfox 18:22 07 Oct 2005

I have been dealing with this company for a few years now and have never had a problem with them so I would,until recently,have recommended them as one of the best companies on the internet.

However there does seem to have been an excessive number of complaints about them in these forums of late and it makes me wonder if taking on the bankrupted Carrera and now the Time/Tiny brands(companies with less than perfect reputations)has overstretched Watford.Whoever is in charge needs to get these problems sorted and fairly soon,I would hate to see another british based manufacturer go to the wall.

  ajm 19:57 07 Oct 2005

If you are within driving distance to Watford Electronics/Savastore in Dunstable, Luton, you can take your machine to their retail store and have it inspected/changed.

Like Starfox, I have bought from Watford Electronics over the past few years a few bits and bobs and have not had any problems with them.

Starfox also mentioned that Savastore must be overstreched by taking on the customer/pcs of Carrera and Time/Tiny. They need to sort out their house first before attempting to sort out other people's problems.

try emailing [email protected]. Shiraz Jessa is the Managing Director of Watford Electronics

  spuds 11:13 08 Oct 2005

A visit to your local trading standards could result in a contact point for problems with Watford Electronics.The more complaints the more possibility of the trading standards contacting Watford for a response.

To be fair though, my comments were deliberately posed as questions rather than actual statements. (was hoping for a bit of free consumer legal advice actually)

My real and only beef with Watford is they won't talk to me to resolve the problems with my order.

I'm very frustrated and currently this forum is my only vent for it.

AJM - I'm about an hour and a half away. who would pay for my petrol? Me presumably.... if I don't hear anything from customer services it might be my only option. GRRR

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