Watford PC Specification change

  rojon 21:07 27 Jul 2005

Ordered an aries performa 5563 on Friday. Part of the standard set up included 2x512mb ram, microsoft keyboard+mouse and windows XP + service pack.When confirmation came through the specification had changed to only 2x256mb ram, an unbranded keyboard worth 1.99, unbranded mouse and no mention of service pack on the XP. The changes weren't highlighted and not everyone might have noticed until the PC arrived. After 3 unanswered emails, I made a 20 minute call to sales-then customer services and then sales again, the guy i spoke to said he would amend everything back to what the website said as none of the items were o/o/s and he could see no reason for change.New confirmation came through,mouse and keyboard changed BUT still only 2 x 256mb ram and no service pack. After a further 2 unanswered emails and unanswered phone i was forced to cancel my order. shame really after all the positive feedback about this company i thought i was on to a winner. Website still says 2x 512mb ram and microsft key+mouse, but when you click to buy and check spec in your basket it says 2x256mb and basic key+mouse.

  Jdoki 15:54 28 Jul 2005

Whilst I'm sure this is an oversight by Watford, it's pretty out of order and could land them in some hot water! Rather misleading advertising!

As you mentioned, some people might not notice this and could now be running a machine with half the RAM they expected.

Reminds me of the time I ordered a new PC from a company (not Watford), I asked for a 939 socket mobo, but on the confirmation they had listed a 754 socket CPU!!!

I'd like to have seen the techie trying to jam that in the socket!

By the time I noticed this, it 2 days away from delivery... on calling the company they thanked me for pointing this out, then tried to charge me an extra 100quid for the correct CPU!

Order... cancelled!

  rojon 20:58 28 Jul 2005

A week later, the website still says 2 x 512mb ram as standard, but at the basket stage it changes to 2 x 256mb.

surely this can't be legal?

An email to the customer service manager remains unanswered.

  ame 23:35 31 Aug 2005


I ordered a custom-specified pc from Watford over the internet in August. After agreeing to a minor change to the spec. (slightly faster dvd writer at £5 more) over the phone, their "customer care" person cancelled my original order and made up his own with what he seemed to think are near-enough equivalent components. Couldn't even see what he ordered until I got the despatch note - too late - despite telling them this was an unacceptable way of going about things! Still trying to get them to take the pc back (I've not taken delivery) but have been fobbed off with an e-mail response promising to get back to me - NOT!

They've taken the cash from my credit card account based on an order they made up themselves! Seems like theft/fraud to me!!! Months of hassle ahead? Avoid them like the plauge!

  Wuggy 00:35 01 Sep 2005

Tried to buy a customised PC from Watford in July but queried the pricing. Despite sendind over 7 emails in 4 days I still await a reply. Decided that if they didn't want to be contacted when buying a PC there was even less chance after the purchase. Bought a PC from DEll which was of similar specification (and cheaper) and am extremely pleased with it. Contacting Dell seems to get an immediate response.

  Skills 02:00 01 Sep 2005


As you paid for it with a credit card get onto your credit card company and bring them in.

That seems like a very poor way to run a business to me and if they carry on like that they are going to end up down the time/tiny route in years to come me feels.

  lucylastic 11:14 01 Sep 2005

If you look at my complaint regarding Watford Electronics under (Warranty nerves) and taking onboard other accounts as above I would steer well clear of Watford..On Spuds advice I will be contacting my local trading standards office. I'll keep the forum posted !!!

  Bailey08787 17:31 01 Sep 2005

I guess as I've very recently ordered a PC from Watford/Aries I should put in my two pence worth.

Their site was the only intuitive and easy to use site for configuring a pc to my own desired spec that I could find.

I put together a very decent PC, 939 mobo, 3500+ AMD, 19" TFT, 6600GT, etc - which only came to £850.

The PC arrived sooner than I anticipated.

On the inside the case was a label listing all the components inside, exactly matching my spec.

I also took advantage of their very appealing 9 months interest free credit, at the end of which I can pay the balance and not incur any further interest charges.

Watford/Savastore/Aries/whatever they are called, get my thumbs up

  joesoaps 23:02 01 Sep 2005

That there seems to be an abundance of complaints about Watford/Savastore of late as I have been using this company for quite a while now and have ordered many items from them in the past with never a problem and always delivery has been prompt and sometimes super quick.

Just hope it's not the start of the slippery slope to extinction like so many others recently.I hope they get their problems sorted soon.

  ame 20:35 02 Sep 2005

I wouldn't have ordered from Watford if I hadn't been reasonably confident of their past record, but I'm now getting the "rubber ear" both in e-mail and phone terms (phones always engaged.) What I forgot to add was that, as well as making up their own order, they charged my credit card £26 extra on top of my original order cost! I've contacted my credit card company and await resolution of this ridiculous dispute. Obviously, once you give your credit card details to someone, they can charge what they like to it! BEWARE!

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