Water Coolers: Recommendations?

  Handy Spinner 14:49 28 Apr 2005

I need to reduce the noise of a PC dramatically, down to practically inaudible. I bought a Samurai cooler from QuietPC, but I wasn't overly impressed with it. I've heard about these water coolers you can get, has anyone here used one? Could someone point me in the right direction for one?

I'd need one for a Socket A processor, and one for a Socket 754 processor.

Thanks for your advice.


  Belatucadrus 17:06 28 Apr 2005

click here supposedly very good if you want to risk water in your PC. Don't forget to check your power supply as spending shedloads on silent PC gear is futile if the PSU fan drowns it out.

  Handy Spinner 22:23 28 Apr 2005

Thanks for your help. Not knowing a great deal about these things, I noticed that it still produces some noise. I'm looking for as quiet a machine as possible (within reason); does anyone know how much noise it makes or if there is a better solution I should be looking at? I would expect anything up to £100 to be reasonable.



  jack 17:49 29 Apr 2005

lectrix and water dont mix. dont mess with 'em
A Google will reveal firms that specialize in
quiet puters - sound proof cases and the like.

Also do a search in the left hand search box on this page I am sure the topic has been covered here

  Handy Spinner 22:02 29 Apr 2005

I had done a search before I posted this thread, but I hadn't forund what I wanted so I posted a new one.

I really would like to know if there's a one-stop solution for this problem, or at least something that will go a very long way towards solving it. Might be asking a bit too much, I suppose, though, knowing computers!

To reiterate, I've alread tried out a Samurai cooler from QuietPC, but wasn't that impressed. If anyone could suggest something better or more far-reaching, I'd appreciate it.

  DrScott 11:21 02 May 2005


water cooled pcs are pretty good, but to get the right components you will be spending over £100... a silent system will likely set you back about £500 - £600.

One company that I know about is Koolance (click here) who provide pre-built cases with cooling systems. You just have to slot in your components.

The best place for advice on this rather niche area of pc customisation is click here... login into the forums and people there will help you out :)

  Aspman 13:48 02 May 2005

What about less drastic moves. change fans to slower speed 120mm fans. Fit sound damping sheets in the case. Passive coolers for VGA.

click here

Cheaper than water and safer.

you could buy this if you have the bucks:

click here

  wee eddie 16:54 02 May 2005

It has been pointed out here, that the PSU is usually the most neglected and noisy part of the system.

However you will need to examine all the fans to see which are making the racket and deal with one at a time.

As fans frequently vibrate, isolating them from the casing will reduce sympathetic vibration within the case.Keeping the blades clean, will reduce the noise caused by airflow over those blades.

So - get the stethoscope out and pin down the noisiest bits first!

the main noise is the pump, which could be sorted with a different pump and the 120mm fan on the radiator...

as has been said that the PSU is most often the noisiest.. changing that can more often kill some of the noise. Also use rubber fan mounts for case fan's, think about 5v'ing fans or getting a fan controller...

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