Watching Films Online - Are There Any Legal Ways?

  Big L 266 14:41 12 Sep 2010


Are there any legal ways to watch feature films on my computer please? I'm very sceptical when my ISP tells me I can go to this or that website and watch films for free. I don't believe them for a start.

I wouldn't mind watching the occasional feature film online so long as its legal and above-board.Do you watch such films online legally and,if so,which website(s) are these on please?

Any direction would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Big L 266

  Kevscar1 15:13 12 Sep 2010

Try BBC and ITV websites they have players so you can watch some series and films.

  spuds 15:15 12 Sep 2010

Sorry that I cannot provide a link, but there are a number of websites that allow free viewing of the old now un-copyright films. Viewing and downloading Modern Stuff might be an whole different ballgame, if you read some news reports.

Perhaps off subject slightly, but I find that places like Poundland, Pound World and other £Pound-shops usually have a good selection of DVD's, that's if you have a recorder/player. I have been buying three films on one DVD, covering a range of interests recently.

  dastardly mutt 16:03 12 Sep 2010
  ronalddonald 16:14 12 Sep 2010

I've been told you need a TV license by the licensing people is this true

  BT 16:46 12 Sep 2010


  Jameslayer 16:48 12 Sep 2010

You dont trust your ISP to tell you the truth?

  Big L 266 19:46 12 Sep 2010


Thanks for the links to 'You Tube' & 'Love Film' which I appreciate. I've noticed many websites offering free viewing but one of them had the newest film with George Clooney on its pages. I'm certain that wasn't legal.

I do have a TV licence but don't really watch a lot of TV.I do have a dvd player/recorder so I'll wobble into £Stretcher when next accompanied by friends.

No,I don't trust my ISP to always tell the truth.I know enough about copyright insofar that 'free' viewing of newish films isn't legal and that,for all I know,I could click on one of their links and find myself in a whole heap of trouble. I'm not into p2p from a lesson learned many years ago with Slimewire a download of which ruined my first computer hard-drive.

Thank you all for your kind help and advice.It is greatly appreciated.

Big L 266

  bfoc 11:04 13 Sep 2010

Just to clarify about the TV licence issue. You only need a TV licence to watch live TV. If you are watching catch up or on demand TV you do not need a TV licence. Details available at:
click here

  luthier 13:10 13 Sep 2010

I've watched a couple of films from here click here many of them are free but you can also rent or buy them. The streaming connection seemed pretty good too making them good quality.

  Big L 266 08:19 14 Sep 2010


Thank you for your help. I've 'favourited' the links from dm and luthier and will wander in from time to time to watch a legally available film.

All the very best.

Big L 266

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