watchdog tv show & "tiny"

  sunny staines 19:37 22 Feb 2005

"tiny" on next modays watchdog tv show.

advertised this evening may be interesting to watch

  Magik ®© 19:47 22 Feb 2005

and this week it was NTL, should have had them both on together, feel like a good laugh...

  sunny staines 19:50 22 Feb 2005

Glad I am not with any of them, I presume most readers here build their own

  hinny 20:09 22 Feb 2005

Watchdog was on tonight (Tuesday) in the North East. Cheers.

  hinny 18:13 28 Feb 2005

Oops, my mistake, this week it's on tonight MONDAY 19.00. Cheers

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:27 28 Feb 2005

Looks like they have taken a tiny handfull of bad cases and used them to make Tiny look like the worst thing since unsliced bread.

  Magik ®© 19:47 28 Feb 2005

well, they never will, or never would get any of my money....always do your homework first, nothing worse than waking up in the cold grey light of morning and knowing you have done a wrong'un...........

  bremner 19:53 28 Feb 2005

15,000 sales per month and four highlighted complaints.

Mountains and molehills spring to mind.

It does not matter from whom or what you buy, sometme the product will not work and at someime the customer service will fall below expected standards.

The appalling service I have received from two Mercedes garages is a case in point.

If this is the best the BBC can levy against Tiny then perhaps they should not have bothered.

  sunny staines 21:05 28 Feb 2005

programmes like this may get more people thinking about building their own. They will then benfit from it and this forum is the best place to seek help and support, just look at the poor help & support some the big names provide.

Would you buy from a company that had bad press or many bad threads in the forum?

  Jackcoms 21:47 28 Feb 2005

"Would you buy from a company that had bad press or many bad threads in the forum?"


My ISP is Tiscali and they get more than their fair share of bad press in this, and other, Forums. I have no complaints with them.

They are one of Europe's biggest ISPs and, thus, have more customers than many other ISPs.

So, thousands of us must be right, don't you think?

  tigz 22:27 28 Feb 2005

Until I saw this prog. I was about to purchase a Tiny Mediabook/powerlite but was waiting until the 1st of March to see what their latest offer would be. Many of my more computer literate friends have advised against Tiny as they apparently can be unreliable but they do seem to offer a very high spec laptop for a resaonable price (just 0ver £1,000.00). I have done video editing on my main computer but want to be able to sit in more comfortable environment whilst doing this. My old Sony laptop does not have enough memory for the job but I am now feeling totally confused as to the best buy for video editing. I am aware that I need a good processor/large hard drive/good graphics card etc but any ideas on the best one for the job? Battery life is not important.

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