Warrington - Edge Of The I/net World?

  BAC1-11 09:53 16 Dec 2004

I have just come back from Warrington this morning after being i/netless for 5 days.

The last time I was up there I found I couldn't maintain a connection for more the 3 mins. After speaking to my ISP they suggested asking BT to increase the line gain.

I spoke to BT 10:00 last Monday who said it would be done within 24 Hrs. I tried connecting to the i/net Tue afternoon with the usual result ( a 3 min connection). Called BT again who said the fault only appeared on their records at 08:32 that morning and it would be resolved within 24 Hrs. I chased the call that evening and was told they could adjust the gain from the call centre! The operator said she would have a look and call me back. Anyway, after 90 mins and no call I called them back. This time I was told due to the type of exchange they couldn't adjust the gain at the centre but it would have to be done at the exchange. I did complain about the ever-changing story and got an apology.

Yesterday was the end of their second 24 Hr period and the problem remained so I called them yet again and after getting further apologies I asked to speak to the supervisor. After a short wait she came on and told me that they can't do anything about the gain because part of the 'pipe' to the exchange is fibre optic.

She went on to say there is a problem converting the signal from back to copper cable which they are working on. Apparently this effect BB as well.

I spoke to a neighbour in the estate who confirmed they had the same problem with dial-up and had been told a similar story.

Can anybody explain what the problem is.

I do find it amazing that a housing development that was built within the last 3 to 5 years should have a problem connecting the www. It not as if it crept up on BT.

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