Warrenty Issue, but with a now dodgy company

  WorriedCustomer 18:10 03 Jan 2009

Hi Guys,

I need you advice, I bought a computer (last nov) from a website who offered a 3 year guarantee (which was around where I lived) which at the time seemed find and had very few bad reports about, however the company in question has had a very bad history on this forum (very bad).

I’m having a problem with my computer where it constantly crashing (processor or motherboard issue I believe), however (and this is the main problem) on the website there was two different company registration number, above companies registered to the same location, the only differences are a slightly different name and on the lower no. the accounts had not been submitted and where over due for about 6-8months (off top of my head, couldn’t be a 100% though).

When I tried to phone the company, the numbers wouldn’t work, so I phoned up a 118 service (as I was at work and don’t have access to the web) and they had no record of the company. As I was trying my partner, phoned up a switchboard and was given another number and when she phoned it, she was told that the company had gone under by a Scottish bloke, who said any warranty issues had to be sent to Scotland.

So when I got home, I checked the web and found a different number of their website (this is the same time I found the two different company reg. no.s), tried to phoned it and it was in engaged. So I remembered they offered a msn service so I added them to msn and ask them, about being bankrupt and was told that they weren’t, while chatting to the person I was spoken to like a piece of ****, I had never been spoke to like that before, I even said that it wasn’t a good way to talk to customers and person said that they didn’t care and they speak to people however they liked.

I later phoned up and told them about my problem and asked if I could bring the computer down to them to have a look at, they said that they had moved to another place where they don’t have public access to. (However the address on their web site hasn’t changed in 3 weeks), anyway it was suggested I try a few things before getting it collected, which I had but to no change.

So now I'm confused on what to do, send it back and risk not getting it back, or them blaming me and charging me to get it back (like they have to some people on here), or do I just go else where to get it fixed and pay for it.

Any advice would be appreciated.

  canarieslover 18:53 03 Jan 2009

And the company is????

  WorriedCustomer 19:08 03 Jan 2009

I dont to say intil, ive decided what to do, cause i know someone from the company posts on here.

  WorriedCustomer 19:21 03 Jan 2009

however, theres alot of threads about them, im really just wondering you opinions on my Options!

  spuds 19:21 03 Jan 2009

Do not send it back in the first instant, because this may then become a 'machine that never arrived, and was lost in the system'. If you do have need to send it back eventually, then make sure that you have all the necessary safeguards in place.

You say that you was 'offered' a three year warranty, did you take this offer up.If you did, then what doe's the warranty offer?.

If you paid by credit card, then have a word with your credit card provider. Requesting that they help under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

If you think that you are on a losing battle, then the only option might be to get it repaired yourself, at your own cost (but the cc company might help here!). After that it would be a case of perhaps claiming any money back via the small claims court procedure.

Alternatively try click here

  iscanut 19:44 03 Jan 2009

We have been here before I think..many times !!!

  WorriedCustomer 19:58 03 Jan 2009


How would getting the card provider to get invloved help? I would i need to send it off to them first and then theres a problem?

Well it was the fact that it was offered, i think it comes included; also their terms and conditions are;

"7.2. Goods found to be defective under the warranty will be repaired or replaced with an item of an equal or better performance and equal or better value at the original time the order was placed.

7.3. This warranty does not apply to any defect in the goods arising from fair wear and tear, wilful damage or accident.

7.4. If the goods supplied to you develop a defect while under warranty, or you have any other complaint about the goods, you should notify the seller in writing at the address shown below.

7.5. If an item purchased from ***** Limited is returned to the company and found not to be defective, you will be charged for the return delivery costs of the item as well as the collection costs. This currently stands at £35 + VAT. We reserve the right to charge for labour if we deem this is necessary.

7.6. We offer a 1 month (1 calendar month) free collection and re-delivery service for computer systems and laptops only. Day 1 is the day you receive the item. Should your computer system develop a defect within the specified free collection period after the delivery date, we will collect the item from you, and repair or replace it with an item identical or of equal value as soon as practicably possible. A repair will be attempted before a replacement providing the repair will be to a satisfactory quality.

7.7. The buyer will be responsible for ensuring the item is packaged suitably and safely until we confirm the item has arrived back to us safe and secure. If the item arrives back to the seller damaged and was not sent back in the original packaging provided by the seller, the buyer will be responsible for the cost of repair and the labour costs of repair. We will only confirm that the item has arrived back to the seller in a satisfactory condition once we have opened the item and one of our employees has inspected the item. We strongly recommend that you keep the original packaging that your computer system/laptop arrives in for the purpose of returning an item back to us if necessary. Once the item has been repaired/replaced, we will then deliver the item back to you free of charge. Any "loss of earnings" or inconvenience caused as a result of a failure of any item purchased from the seller will not be compensated for.

7.11. Will I void my warranty if I open the case and install my own components?

Unlike with most computer manufacturers, we allow you to open your case and install your own components without voiding your warranty providing that:
• You understand that if the actions of the person installing the components cause damage to the computer, your warranty will be void.
• You understand that if the components you install cause problems with your computer, your warranty will be void.
• You understand that we will in no way support you installing your own components or with any problems you have relating to the components you have installed.
• You understand that we have over 30 different measures in place to detect if a component has been moved/removed and if you have moved/removed a component, your warranty will be void. You are only entitled to add extra components to your computer.

Basically, if you add a component to your computer and all goes well, you will still have a warranty. In any other circumstance, your warranty will be void.

If you are unclear about anything, or wish to discuss any possible loop-holes, you understand and accept that you must email us and have written confirmation from us before you make any changes to your computer configuration. Otherwise you are welcome to add components to your computer.

  WorriedCustomer 19:58 03 Jan 2009

7.12. If a computer has to be returned to us, please ensure that all data is backed up on the hard drive, because if a hard drive or configuration has to be changed, we cannot be held responsible for any losses of data, time or inconvenience caused.

7.13. All system returns must be collected by our courier once you have been issued with a valid RMA number. If you choose to return a system by your own means or without a valid RMA number, the costs of this will not be compensated for.

7.14. Should you take your computer system, monitor, keyboard or mouse, or any other peripheral to another computer company, repair company or computer technician and have them attempt to diagnose or repair a fault on the computer, you may VOID all warranties on the computer and we will not cover the costs of any onsite or call out charges as we do not provide or charge you for onsite warranties. If you have any problems with your computer you must contact the seller for advice and if necessary obtain an RMA number and return the item to us through the specified returns procedure.

7.15. If a product is returned to us without a valid RMA number delivery will be rejected."

  GaT7 20:56 03 Jan 2009

Hmm, I know who the company is, but of course wouldn't divulge this info against your wishes.

However, it may be in your best interest to publicly involve the company on here to get the support you require. I.e. in much the same way people get Davey of Mesh to help out when they feel they're getting nowhere with their problems dealing with Mesh directly. Most often than not, they then begin to get much better service & their problems resolved. G

  WorriedCustomer 21:02 03 Jan 2009

I think i need to decide what im going to do first before i start naming names as it might affect the service from them (to the worse like some people have expirenced)

  GaT7 21:23 03 Jan 2009

I think you should ask the FE's advice on this one (click here to do so - i.e. about naming the company & inviting them to respond here.

If anything, he's the best person to make a good judgement in these kinds of situations, & provide you with added help, support & advice (gosh, I hope I'm not putting too much pressure on one, whilst unduly raising the expectations of another!).

"as it might affect the service from them (to the worse like some people have expirenced)" - That's pathetic if true, & wouldn't be in their best interests, as it would only put them in poor(er) light. G

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