Warranty worry??

  Seth Haniel 14:35 06 Feb 2008

Bought a second user top end PC from a known Firm at the end of November with three months warranty.
The PC within less than two weeks was freezing and failing to start afterwards. I sent it back and after a week they returned it just before Christmas. (I had my two weeks holiday away).
So now after less than two weeks of running it has developed the exact same fault.
I returned it last tuesday and progressed it today. They are now saying that it has had to be sent to an external repairer and depending on parts may take 4 weeks. I have to phone them the end of next week to check for update.
Even if I got it got back tomorrow and the fault returned after a week and a half it will then be out of its three months warranty. With it being in their hands for over a third of the warranty period.
Where do I stand when they return it?

  keef66 14:42 06 Feb 2008

I would hope that since you reported the fault within the warranty period they are obliged to repair it satisfactorily or replace it, regardless of how long it takes or how many attempts they make.

  spuds 18:14 06 Feb 2008

The computer is still under warranty, and will be until it as been repaired successfully. Contact Consumer Direct click here for advice about your options.

  Seth Haniel 13:26 13 Feb 2008

phoned them and they say it is 'out to repair' and could take four weeks depending on part.

Firm must have a lot of faulty goods to deal with for this kind of delay!!!

  jack 08:35 14 Feb 2008

I think you are well within your rights to start asking for a refund- The fault occured with two week and the original attempt to make good failed.
'The out for repairs' excuse is lame to say the least- after all all parts for current machines are readily available.

  bnorth 10:25 14 Feb 2008

"I would hope that since you reported the fault within the warranty period they are obliged to repair it"

you would hope so keef66, and I'd hope thats the case here.
I have a similar situation. The graphics card on my Eclipse PC was faulty on arrival and although I reported it on day 18 (slow I know but I was busy and did try to "fix" it with monitor controls) and asked it to be fixed under the warranty on day 29 Eclipse are saying I'm now "out of the collection period" ie the 30 days period where they collect the PC for free under the premier30 warranty.

IMO they deliberately tried to delay the process to that end by slow reponse to emails and half-assed suggestions such as contacting the monitor maker.

I am disputing this with Trading Standards at the moment so we'll see.

  Seth Haniel 10:58 20 Feb 2008

The PC arrived back at the weekend
the Faulty 200 gig hard drive has been replaced by a new 250 gig drive and also a new VGA card has been installed. Have reinstalled my programs and at the moment all seems well.


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