Warranty question please!

  Wanderfly 12:36 02 May 2005

Hi all,
Got a lovely new PC from a company and from the 1st turn on it's had a small fault. I've only had it 3 days even now. It only came with a RTB warranty.
Before I call them, only to be told "box it up and pay for the post back", do I have a claim that they should foot the bill to get it back as it's never worked correctly?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:15 02 May 2005

Probbably get shot down in flames but can the fault be self fixed? I am aware of the issues regarding opening cases and warranties.


  Pooke100 13:24 02 May 2005

I don't agree with it but you'll have to pay the postage back, I've had to several times. What about what Gandalf has said?

what is the problem with it?

  Fellsider 15:35 02 May 2005

I had a problem when I got my PC

the fault was that the front USB and Card reader slots didn't work. The PC was supposed to be RTB warranty but when I phoned (ready to argue that they should come out to fix it) it was an agency that covers a number of retailers products.

Initially they couldn't find the details of my PC but did say that they would get an engineer out and gave a date.

Engineer arrived and fixed the problem - the connectors were not connected to the motherboard!!

I didn't mention RTB warranties and the supplier never queried it. If they had I would have requested to see there test data to prove that they had tested the thing in the first place!!

  spuds 18:51 02 May 2005

Considering that you have only had it for three days, and it as developed a fault, then it is the suppliers duty to put things right at their expense.Providing of course, that the fault as not been caused by an act by yourself.

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Give the supplier a telephone call, perhaps there is a simple solution to solving your problem.You will need to contact them anyway for a possible RMA reference,before thinking about sending the computer back.

  Wanderfly 19:27 02 May 2005

Thanks all!
The fault was there from first turn on which is why I feel it slightly different from a problem that may have occurred 5months down the line.
I'm living with it at the moment as it isn't stopping the PC working. It has a high pitched electrical noise that oscillates on and off. On closer inspection it actually sounds like something slightly "shorting"! Other than that, it's got a sound reducing casing and is stupidly quiet!!
I'll call them tomorrow when they're back at work and see what they say.
Thanks again.

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