Warranty it is not always what it appears

  Graysonlad 19:53 31 May 2007

When I recently purchased a laptop from Evesham Technology one of the deciding factors was the warranty, 1 year on site and 2 years return to base.
Since purchasing the pc I have had nothing but trouble. Getting through to the call center for support is a nightmare. Having got through and having been given the name of the engineer, on ring back one is never allowed to speak to the same contact again, you have to start all over again.
Having on site warranty cover means nothing to Evesham. When I have asked for an engineer to visit I was told; "laptops are so complicated and compact the only way we can support them is by having them returned to base for attention".
When experiencing problems with a supplier most consumer organisations advise writing to the company MD. With Evesham this does not work, the MD has ignored every letter choosing to let a correspondence clerk reply.
My laptop has been back to Evesham now twice in four weeks. They will not send out an engineer. I have challenged them on this and they just say that "On site warranty is available but their warranty conditions allow to have the equipment returned. I have argued that because of this they have effectivly cancelled out that part of the warranty.I simply do not know what to do next.
Buyer beware especially if you go to Evesham Technology.

  jack 08:41 01 Jun 2007

You understandably feel miffed, as you so explain.
However if perhaps you outlined the exact nature of the 'faults' to us on here[assuming you have access via another computer], a service call may not have required at all-
Who knows?
At this stage we are in the dark as to what exactly the problem was/is.
Thats is the reason why we look in to Help folk with problems- not as a shoulder to cry on as comforting as it may seem at the time.

  jack 17:07 01 Jun 2007

thank you for the E mail with the problems out lined- but posting it here is the place for it to be.
Once the many 'Experts' have diagnosed it thoroughly you will have good grounds for a Total replacement and not repair because this is I feel a Motherboard fault.
Also if this is business machine you should consider a claim for 'Loss of business' if it can be so proved.
Trading standards is the place to check that out.

Now to the problem- I shall place it here for maximum response

The problem is two fold. 1: The original problem was that the laptop just kept shutting down and restarting every 15 mins causing a loss of data. A blue screen did appear but all the characters where broken up and unreadable, followed by a black screen. Evesham had it for over a week and say they have replaced the HDD and replaced the memory. I received it back yesterday and the same fault is happening, but now it happens every couple of hours. Looking at the Event Vewier There are 3 entries marked in red. All are System Errors, 2 have the code 1003. 1 has System Error but has the code AMDK8 Device 2 2:Evesham will not honour the on site warranty, instisting its returned to base for repair. This cause serious disruption to my work load.

AMD Turion 64x2 Mobile Technology TL-50 1GB DDR2 Ram. 100GB 5400rpm Hard Drive" 256MB GeForce 6100 Graphics Windows XP

  jack 09:52 02 Jun 2007

Help this Guy please

  Forum Editor 10:32 02 Jun 2007

is that Evesham are right when they tell you it's better to have a laptop back into the factory when it goes wrong. Laptops aren't like desktops, where swapping out components is quick and easy, they are far more difficult to work on, and it's in your interests for your machine to be looked at under factory workshop conditions.

That said, there's obviously something wrong if a machine with a new Hard drive and RAM is still exhibiting problems immediately after its return from being repaired, and you must speak to Evesham about what they propose to do. You say you purchased the computer 'recently', and if that means within the last six months you are well-protected by current consumer law. Evesham has a good reputation for customer service, and I'm sure the company will want to resolve this problem as quickly as possible - warning other users to "beware" is hardly appropriate in the circumstances.

  Graysonlad 16:27 02 Jun 2007

The Forum EDitor replied: "warning other users to "beware" is hardly appropriate in the circumstances."
I assumed that a forum on comsummer issues was the right place for such a statement. Earlier you say "you must speak to Evesham". Have you tried? Phone calls can take as long as 15 to 20 minutes of waiting time ( which I am paying for) before being connected to an engineer.
Some weeks ago I thought I had made progress as I did have a call from a Team Leader in the repair section, he assured me that if I continued to have problems to ring and ask for him by name. I did and I do but callers are not allowed to speak to named individuals. Yesterday, I made a call at 9-30 to report that my laptop, just returned by Evesham after repair, still had the same problems, could I please speak to the person I named; the answer was NO. After more discussions I was promised that this team leader would ring me later.
At 4-30 in the afternoon still no call.I rang Evesham again. This time I was told that my name would now be placed at the top of the team leaders call list. I never received the call. Talk to Evesham; just try it.
I have written 5 letters to Mr. Brad Walker MD. He never responds but gets a clerk in the correspondence office to reply and you can't even get put through to that individual either.
You say its to my advantage to have the laptop repaired at base. If that is really the case then what is the purpose of the on site warranty?

  Forum Editor 00:35 03 Jun 2007

I'm trying to be helpful here, it's not me who is repairing the laptop, and there's little point in you saying to me "Talk to Evesham; just try it".
I said you must speak to Evesham because what else are you going to do? In order to resolve this problem you're going to have to talk to the company - all I can do is advise you, and I've done that already. We don't get many complaints about this company, and the fact that you seem to be having a real problem is all the more reason to talk to someone who can get some action.

When exactly did you buy this machine?

  Probabilitydrive 10:30 03 Jun 2007

Graysonlad, evesham have a good reputation for providing sound and immediate customer service. The company scores consistently top marks in customer satisfaction s polls.

I called on their technical support on numerous occasions and I was reassured by their quick and professional response.

Be that as it may, this is my experience and should only demonstrate my individual point of view of evesham technologies.

Putting your frustration aside for the moment; The advice given by jack is sound and-given that you wand a speedy resolution-is by far the most practical approach.

If you do want to take you issue further, start with a request to escalate your complaint as this will than involve decision making on more senior levels.

Finally, the need for speedy resolutions should be
based on a factual approach eg ".... to be clear in your mind why you are dissatisfied and what you want to happen as a result of making a complaint..."

My recommendation is to go to click here=
, where useful advice is given (and standardised complains to individual companies may be made)

However you decide, the fact that jack responded so quickly and made a workable suggestion about your cause of action should provide you with the first steps in resolving your repair issue.

  Graysonlad 11:14 03 Jun 2007

Let me say thank you to all who have responded, I do appreciate it, but what you are reading is the frustration of trying to deal with this company.
The laptop in question was purchased in Feb. of this year and delivered a couple of weeks later. During this time the equipment has been returned twice for repair, the same fault instability. On the 1st occiasion just as it came back I was fortunate to be away for a month celebrating my 70th birthday so the laptop was not used during that time. When I started to use it again the same problems came up. Evesham continued to refuse an on site visit and so it went back again.On this occiasion as on others it was impossible to talk to anyone of authority. Writing to the MD, which normally kicks things into motion, has failed. Last time Evesham promised delivery by Friday 25th of May, it did not arrive. I rang on the Saturday; Sorry they said it's still here, I explained I was to be away until Wed. 30th. The team leader in Customer Care promised "it will be with you on the morning of 31st", it never arrived. Forced to go out I made arrangement for someone to receive it, it arrived about 2-30 pm.
How can any responsible company defend that record? I can't be the only customer with Evesham problems like this, can I?
I have now sent yet another letter to the MD giving them 7 days before I take it to a solicitor.
Thanks again.

  Probabilitydrive 12:10 03 Jun 2007

You are turning in circles, I'm afraid your last posting is another account of what has happened and how you have tried dealing with it.

Incidentally, writing 6 letters to the MD clearly didn't get you nowhere. I suspect waving the big stick IE. solicitor, wont do anything to resolve your issue.

The reason you have posted here indicates that you want to resolve an issue. Good and sound advice has been given and I strongly suggest to chose what you think is working for you (see my posting above).

If what Jack, the FE or my posting fails to provide you with a practical solution, by all means post the outcome here. If your-understandable-frustration
provoked you to post, than be confronted with the fact, that you might use this forum as an outlet for a rant. Surly something, which is of no use to you.

  Graysonlad 01:20 20 Jul 2007

Thought I should give you the latest on this saga.
Eventually an engineer arrived at my home with a new base unit which should have given me a new PC. Within hours of this work being carried out all the problems that this repair should have fixed started all over again. There was a new problem that had not happened before, the date and time kept changing. On contacting Evesham, they did say they would send me a new CMOS battery for me to fit, then they changed their minds asking for the unit to be returned to them once again. I complied with this instruction but instisted that they keep the laptop and refund the money paid for this unit.
I am very releived to say within the last week, I now have the cash, but I wont buy another thing from Evesham again.

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