warranties and guarantees

  JonSon 20:59 03 Sep 2005

Another question for the floor...

What are the industry standard warranties and guarantees for computer purchases these days?

A bit of a stupid question here, but what is the difference between on site and return to base warranties?

  Pooke 21:20 03 Sep 2005

On site, they come out and fix it. Return to base, it has to be sent back to be fixed.

Warranties. One year unless YOU PAY for more, usually the statutory 1 year warranty is back to base.

  JonSon 21:33 03 Sep 2005

sounds straightforward enough but with a back to base, does the machine get sent back to the manufacturer or would the problem be resolved at the shop?

  DieSse 21:39 03 Sep 2005

"What are the industry standard warranties and guarantees for computer purchases these days?"

In which country? - it's two years by law here in Spain.

Also in most countries monitor manufacturers usually give three years - often on-site swap out too.

  DieSse 21:41 03 Sep 2005

"back to base" - wherever is defined as base by the seller.

However bear in mind that the law in th UK says the seller is responsible, not the manufacturer (unless of course the mfr is the seller!).

  Pooke 21:42 03 Sep 2005

Yes that's right, monitors, including my own flat panel has a three year warranty.

Your first port of call in a warranty claim is the place of purchase, but most times with appliances like TVs, computers and what have you, it's easier for them to refer you to the manufacturer.


  JonSon 21:59 03 Sep 2005

excellent, that's helpful - thanks!

  spuds 23:24 03 Sep 2005
  Stuartli 23:51 03 Sep 2005

Most monitor manufacturers have been offering three year warranties with on site swaps for faulty sets for some time.

  josie mayhem 23:39 05 Sep 2005

I've just brought a laptop in somerset, and I was told that there wasn't a repair falcitiy in this area, and that if it went wrong, it would have to be sent off, which could take several weeks depending on problem.

I already knew that in most cases of laptops they went back to the manufacturers if there was a fault. This suggestion by the shop that by buying a extended guarantee @£10.99 a month would avoid this, is a bit of a white lie, as I've been around this forum long enough to know different. But I do know that in a years time I will get a letter telling me that it is almost out of the manufacturer guarantee and would I like to take up the offer of yes you guest it £10.99 a month. So I think I shall save myself some money now, and then prehaps take there offer later.

  jack 09:32 06 Sep 2005

Josie hit a nail about 'extended ' warranties
By not taking one out on purchase, and putting a similar sum aside during the 1st year[sellers responsability]] that loot [£120 or so] will pay for a repair or well on the way for the price of replacement in year two- and still have the dosh -with interest.

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