A warning ref: waeplus.co.uk 180 Newhall St, Birmingham.

  LastChip 14:34 29 Sep 2012

A while back during August, I ordered a new Intel CPU from this company listed as "in stock". They gave an 8-10 working day delivery, which I thought was excessive, but accepted as their pricing was very competitive.

10 working days came, but no CPU, so I telephoned to find out where it was. The service adviser mumbled something about there being a problem with the order, so I cancelled it there and then on the telephone and requested a refund to my credit card. She said that would be dealt with, but when pressed by me for a time scale, failed to tell me anything concrete, which rung alarm bells. So the next day, I emailed them confirming the cancellation and again requesting a refund.

7 days later, still no sign of a refund, so I emailed them again asking where it was. I received a reply the next day saying it was being dealt with.

10 days further on, still no refund, so I've placed the transaction in dispute with my credit card company and I would expect a refund from them in due course.

Now, I don't live anywhere near Birmingham, but possibly for those that do, walking into their shop and buying something over the counter may be great, but their on-line offering in my experience is appalling. In excess of two weeks to get a credit card refund for a product they failed to supply and therefore, did not fulfil their side of the contract, is completely unacceptable. So be warned!

  spuds 17:05 29 Sep 2012

They have 30 days to instigate a refund,

The reviews in the link posted by Jock1e doesn't give much confidence, even though checks elsewhere seem to suggest Low Prices and Fast Delivery?.

  rdave13 19:44 29 Sep 2012

Thanks LastChip, noted.

  Forum Editor 13:54 30 Sep 2012

Consumer law says that the company has up to thirty days within which to make the refund, so posting a warning based on your single experience is unfair.

  LastChip 21:40 30 Sep 2012

Thank you FE, that's noted.

However, whether the law permits it, or whether I consider it reasonable, are two different matters. The fact that they avoided answering any of my questions as regards to when I would receive a refund and given they failed to deliver as promised within their specified time scale, is sufficient cause for me to be alarmed and I think to justifiably warn others of how they may operate.

Furthermore, looking at Jock1e's link, raises further concerns regarding this company. It seems I'm not the first person to be treated in this manner.

The fact remains, in my view, I have had lousy service coupled with questionable behaviour.

I have given a factual account of how I was treated. Others should base their views in their own way and use their own research to arrive at a decision as to whether this company is suitable for them or not.

Perhaps if it's of no consequence to an individual, that the time scale for delivery may change and they may if cancelling have to wait up to 30 days for a refund, it may be an acceptable company to use.

Needless to say, it's the first and last time I will be using them.

  morddwyd 05:18 01 Oct 2012

I agree with WoodChip.

He has had poor service and has decided to warn others. What's unfair?

He's not advising us not to use them, or accusing them of being rogues and vagabonds, simply advising us to "be warned".

It is up to us to decide whether to take any notice.

This is a public forum and the company can defend its actions if it wishes.

  Forum Editor 09:19 01 Oct 2012


What's unfair?

It's unfair to warn people about a company, with all that implies, based on a single user's experience of unacceptable service. Based on what has been said, this company has not acted in contravention of consumer law.

What is said is not always what is understood, and issuing a warning about a supplier in this forum usually carries with it the implication that it should be avoided.

  The Kestrel 10:02 01 Oct 2012

FE, if you look at the Reseller Ratings link supplied by Jock1e, this just confirms LastChip's warnings. There are 237 reviews there and the overall rating was 1 star. I looked at the first four pages of reviews and everyone gave a 1 star rating and cited the same problem as LastChip described. I think he has done forum members a good service by warning us of this company.

  Forum Editor 11:13 01 Oct 2012

The Kestrel

You're entitled to your view (as is everyone else) and I'm entitled to mine.

If you look carefully through the many posts in the link you refer to you will see that the supplier has responded many times. One thing I have learnt over my years in the forum is that it's a mistake to believe every word of every negative comment about a supplier, or every word that a supplier mighjt say in response (although I don't for a moment doubt a word that LastChip has said about his experience).

It's all about balance, and we have always tried hard to ensure that Suppliers are given a fair crack of the whip here, as well as consumers. Sometimes that might mean me sounding as if I'm not on the side of someone who complains, but it's not the case, I assure you.

  amonra 14:45 01 Oct 2012

I think "Caveat Emptor" should apply here, as in most online purchases.

  HondaMan 08:18 02 Oct 2012

**It's unfair to warn people about a company, with all that implies, based on a single user's experience of unacceptable service. Based on what has been said, this company has not acted in contravention of consumer law.

Read more: http://www.techadvisor.co.uk/forums/2/tech-consumer-advice/4175771/a-warning-ref-waepluscouk-180-newhall-st-birmingham/#ixzz287jWZyX7 **

Somebody has to be first otherwise we would never hear of these "dubious" companies

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