Warning re HSBC online banking

  Al94 08:48 10 Aug 2006
  Stuartli 09:18 10 Aug 2006

>>"...and we are satisfied our customers are adequately protected.">>

So no need to lie awake at night worrying then.

Or is there?

Glad I'm with two other banks when faced with such seemingly smug complacency...:-)

  oresome 11:30 10 Aug 2006


"Online fraud via HSBC's internet banking system is substantially lower than the market average"

Can you say that about your banks?

  anskyber 12:02 10 Aug 2006

Exactly. It looks like smug complacency is alive and kicking.

  spuds 12:14 10 Aug 2006

Perhaps another warning! click here

  wiz-king 13:06 10 Aug 2006

For the first HSBC 'please refresh our database' email then?

  Stuartli 14:00 10 Aug 2006

One of my banks, the only one I use online, HBOS (Halifax) has always made special emphasis with regard to online security.

In fact it's just about to launch a new look website with a number of new and improved features.

I've never had any qualms about using its online service over the past four or five years.

  Stuartli 14:01 10 Aug 2006

I also know exactly if a Halifax e-mail is genuine or the all too frequent phishing type...:-)

  oresome 15:42 10 Aug 2006

I'm sure that all banks claim to make special emphasis with regard security. It would be a strange bank that didn't!

The point is, how sucessful are their measures?

HSBC claim to be much better than the industry average re fraudulent access, which implies that others must be worse than average. Who are these worse than average banks?

Are there any league tables we can consult as well as the interest rates offered and the customer service levels given, before we decide who to trust with our money?

  jimmybond 18:05 10 Aug 2006

I really don't think it's 'smug complacency'. They're hardly going to run about with their hands in the air and provoke mass panic, by claiming it's true, their customers are going to get robbed.
As the spokesman, a fraudster would need to individually target one user over several days - and there are much more profitable ways to make money than this.
Just like hackers - i'm sure they could break into most peoples wireless networks fairly easily - but it's hardly a worry, as they obviously have better (worse?) things to do.

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