Warning: HP laptops comes with factory defects!

  francastro 08:25 15 Mar 2009

I've purchased a HP laptop TX1210us which suddenly stopped working yesterday,after barely one year and few month of use without notice. No longer boots up. Turns on the lights, but the screen stays deep black ... Impossible to express in few words the great loss of unsaved data and the damage this is causing to my work, so I'm gonna give the link I've found while I was searching for help: click here for more details. I Hope this info will be useful for those who looks for a laptop but still didn't made their decisions.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:29 15 Mar 2009

Two things to consider:

First, always back-up important data.

Second, HP/Lenovo sell huge numbers of PCs and laptops, the vast majority of which function just as they should. A few failures, among the huge numbers they sell, doesn't make them a bad company.

  wee eddie 15:56 15 Mar 2009

I have no idea what the problem is, Laptops have always been difficult to work with.

However, if you're convinced that it's dead, remove the Hard Drive and put it in an Enclosure, so turning it into an USB External Drive. You'll be able to get all the information off it.

  tullie 16:30 15 Mar 2009

Maybe if you tell people the exact symptoms,they can solve the problem,instead of telling people not to buy HP,one of which ive had for three or four years with no probs.

  laurie53 19:41 15 Mar 2009

I must say that these"factory defects" must take a long time to show up, because my HP has lasted 3 years so far, which is about three times as long as the twice as expensive Toshiba which died on me last month!

  Shuffty 21:52 15 Mar 2009


he was not asking for help just offering some info

  wee eddie 09:07 16 Mar 2009

The problem is that his information is demonstrably inconsistent and possibly incorrect.

  jimv7 11:59 16 Mar 2009

So it could not be due to this click here&

  wee eddie 14:50 16 Mar 2009

The relevant regulations should cover such faults for 6 years(5 in Scotland).

HP would be expected to have a Policy, in place, to cover such eventualities.

While I appreciate "francastro's" desire to warn others, I was addressing a solution to the problem of his "Unsaved" data.

  mooly 11:59 24 May 2009

Any product whatever it is can suffer problems. OK, these things shouldn't happen but they do. If your laptop has suffered a failure, that is as you say well known and well documented I would say you have every chance to make a succesful claim under the sale of goods act. I know that's not what you are asking but others may well be in a similar situation.
Remember that technically if you do this (and I certainly would going on the facts you provide ! and I have done so succesfully on 3 electronic items in the last year, one 5.5 year old... but that's another story) that your claim is against the retailer, not the manufacturer, although in many cases if you contact them and go about it the right way they will back down and resolve the issue directly.

  jack 12:11 24 May 2009

Established for you self is the exact nature of the 'failure'
It lights up you say
But no Screen- so it could be a screen lamp failure
or an inverter or ribbon cable connector -
ie the machine its elfis functioning but no display.
Whilst the screen is dark - can you see any feint imagining?
Try a few simple tests to try to establish what could be wrong rather than trash a perfectly respectable company.

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