Wanting to buy a Netbook, advice appreciated!

  gazmix 18:49 17 Jan 2012


I'm wanting to buy a Netbook! I've seen one in my local cash converters for £149. I can't recall the make off by heart, will post back to tell specs, but i know it has 160G HD, 1G RAM ( i think).

I don't like touch screens, just like the mini laptop style. What are the pro's & cons!

I am also living in a city center, so i guess i may be in a free wifi hotspot! Does this mean that in my flat i won't need a mobile internet dongle or BT connection.



  ame 21:31 17 Jan 2012

Other end of the netbook spectrum is this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lenovo-IdeaPad-S205-11-6-Netbook/dp/B005TPRWNY/ref=sr11?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1326835450&sr=1-1 which will perform much better and last longer in terms of running new software etc. Twice the price but most netbooks have slow processors, not mutch ram capacity, etc. Remember you get no cd/dvd drive either with a netbook, which can be a pain sometimes if installing/reinstalling software. Free wifi tends to be pretty slow even if you are within range. You may get frequent dropped connections too.

  canarieslover 21:44 17 Jan 2012

Unless you really only want it to access the web and email then think about a small laptop instead. Netbooks are pretty slow for anything at all serious. If its in Cash converters for £149 you can reckon that they only gave about £50 for it so you will be just as well off looking on eBay as you will not get a warranty from Cash Converters.

  gazmix 11:54 18 Jan 2012

ok thanks!, i thought a netbook was a small laptop?, what is the difference?

i will post a little later the make as i've only seen it in the window, it may even be a small laptop!

Is there no warranty/guarantee at all at cash converters?

  Woolwell 12:59 18 Jan 2012

Netbooks have small screens, normally don't have an optical drive, and a low grade processor. They are only really suitable for e-mail and browsing the net. If you want to play a cd or dvd then you can get an external drive. A laptop is altogether more sophisticated. Personally I would rather have a tablet than a netbook.

  gazmix 13:30 18 Jan 2012

Emailing & browsing the net & youtube is all i would need it for as i have a pc set up somewhere else!

I will post later the make & model & specs of this item i have seen!

  gazmix 17:17 18 Jan 2012

Ok, i have visited the shop & checked out the 2 that i've had my eye on.

An Emachines 350 with Windows XP, 1GB RAM, 160 GB HD, Intel Atom CPU that is £149.99.

also they have a Netbook with a minor fault in that when you move the screen, occasionally it goes white, maybe a faulty wire & the function key is not working. This is a Samsung NC10 with 250GB HD & 1Gb RAM at £90.. This looks nice & i saw it in action & the issue with the screen hardly occurs & maybe is fixable for a minimal cost!

I'd appreciate any help & will check back tomorrow.


  canarieslover 18:20 18 Jan 2012

If you are certain that you really want a netbook you could look on Argos eBay site Argos eBay where they have refurbished netbooks with a 12 month guarantee and around the £150 that you are looking to spend.

  gazmix 13:53 19 Jan 2012

I will have a look on argos ebay site later, i just wondered if anyone could recomend one of the above models i mentioned.

Is the argos site a 'buy now' or 'bid' site.


  Woolwell 14:23 19 Jan 2012

"Is the argos site a 'buy now' or 'bid' site." Go to the site and you will find out.

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