Want Opera Browser for Free? - Look here...

  GibsonSt19 19:37 30 Aug 2005

Opera are celebrating their birthday and giving out free registrations (usually costs about £15 I think. They are giving it out for free for a short period.

This offer is valid from 12 a.m. Tuesday, August 30 to 12 a.m. Wednesday, August 31 2005 (PDT)."

click here

Enjoy, hope that helps!

  beeuuem 20:39 30 Aug 2005

Thanks - tried it and it works.
If it's free I'll have one!!

  The Spires 21:40 30 Aug 2005

There really is no excuse for not using Opera now! :-)

  GaT7 21:56 30 Aug 2005

Is there a catch - like no updates, etc? G

  GibsonSt19 23:30 30 Aug 2005

No catch. Don't be so pesamistic!

  Stuartli 23:46 30 Aug 2005

I've been trying it but although it's only been about 10 minutes or so, I think I prefer Firefox.....

  GibsonSt19 23:49 30 Aug 2005

Give it some time.

I thought as you do at first.

* Apologies to the other guys who posted about this first, sowwy.

  mbp 11:49 01 Sep 2005

I have used, IE,BTYahooBB, Firefox, Deepnet, and now Trying out Opera.

My first opinion is that Opera is the least user friendly.

Rate (1) Firefox), (2) Deepnet, (3)BTYahooBB, (4) IE in order of User Friendliness, and security. Opera is yet to be rated if I ever learn how to use all its functions. I am not enthused at the moment!

  canard 11:56 01 Sep 2005

FF addict -couldn't resist a freebie-thanks. It's the fastest browser I've tried but how do I get it to use Java?

  The Spires 12:07 01 Sep 2005

Java from click here just install & Opera will use it.

  FUl2tiV3 16:51 01 Sep 2005

could i just clarify, does the download from the opera site not include java? it has to be installed as a seperate download from sun?

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