Want to be able to remotely alter volume.

  mrwoowoo 04:35 06 Sep 2010

Is there some hardware i can install on my PC to enable me to alter volume etc remotely, when watching Iplayer?
I'm sure there is, but not sure what.
Those pesky adverts come up far too loud.

  tullie 07:17 06 Sep 2010

Not sure what you mean,but there is a volume control on the iplayer itself.

  v1asco 08:37 06 Sep 2010

If you have bluetooth and a sony ericsonn phone with a lot of models you can use your phone as a wireless mouse/remote control.
Otherewise I think media player with remote or indeed a wireless mouse is your answer.

  spuds 12:18 06 Sep 2010

I tend to find that most programs have their own volume and mute controls.Some might take a little finding though. You might even have a control in your own toolbar!.

Microsoft used to make their own remote which was marketed to go with Windows Media Centre, although from the quick look I've had it would appear that they've discontinued it now.

You can still buy ones made by other brands though, such as this one click here, and that would allow you to turn down the volume.

If you have a smartphone, you may be able to download an app that will control your computer's volume over the WiFi. I've got one that acts as a remote control for VLC Player and it works rather well.

  Strawballs 22:46 06 Sep 2010

Daughter has surround sound plugged into her PC with remotefor volume treble bass etc.

  Dragon_Heart 01:20 07 Sep 2010

... and train him / her to do it ! :-)

  bjh 08:30 07 Sep 2010

simple answer for up to about 15 feet: most Microsoft Media keyboards |(as well as some others) have volume control.

No good over a greater istance or between rooms.

(Blame cat on lap for spelling erros/brevity)

  mrwoowoo 17:03 07 Sep 2010

Thanks for the replies.
I have decided to get the windows remote controller with plug in usb receiver.
Nice one [email protected]

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