Wannadoo 2Gb limit

  [email protected] 08:21 31 May 2004

I am one of the multitudes who will be able to get broadband this summer (hooray).

The Wannadoo £17.99 offer does seem pretty good value for money but what I cant find anywhere is what happens if you go over the 2Gb limit? - It does say that it will be "restricted" but not how it will be restricted.

Anyone got any ideas??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:12 31 May 2004

It would seem that anyone exceeding this limit will be 'invited' to pay for the extra usage. 2Gb a day on 512k is equal to about 15hrs surfing. This is more than enough for most mortals.


  [email protected] 11:12 31 May 2004

This is what the terms and conditions say:

"2.11 In the event that you reach your monthly Usage Allowance for your selected Wanadoo Broadband Service you will be temporarily disconnected from the Service and you will need to reconnect in the usual way. From the time that you reconnect to the Service until the end of your monthly period, we reserve the right to restrict access to Internet services, or to suspend the Service."

A bit wishy washy for my liking ??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:19 31 May 2004

That'll be 2GB a month then...for those that are interested click on the 'what 2GB means' link.......click here


  powerless 13:08 31 May 2004

All new Wanadoo "Packages" have restrictions on them.

But As i'm already a customer the 512K does not have the restriction.

  pj123 13:59 31 May 2004

I have just recommended a friend who wants to switch to BB and as he is already a Freeserve customer Wannadoo was the way to go. This means he can keep his already existing email address - checked with Freeserve and, like Delmonte, they said "Yes".

The 2gb limit means (according to Wannadoo) he can surf up to 8 hours a day etc... As like most of us he is working, he won't have that many hours available anyway, so seems pretty good to me. The limit is monthly (let's say 4 weeks) so if you reach that limit within 3 weeks you won't be able to login again until the end of the 4th week. If it becomes a regular occurrence then you need to be looking at the next package up, but it will cost £10 more. Check out GANDALF <|:-)> link.

  carver 21:43 31 May 2004

The problem is that if you get broadband you will want to use it as it should be used and 2GB a month is nothing. If you are into games or just wanting to download film trailers you will find that after 2 weeks you are out of time, then what will you do, pay extra or just look at the screen wishing you could get on the net. Yesterday I downloaded 2 files that came to just over 450MB and today just surfing the net I've got over 30MB of downloaded files and that is without any films, e-mails, photos or my kids using the internet. So before you sign for a limited amount think about what you would like to do with the extra speed you will get.

  [email protected] 06:37 01 Jun 2004

Cheers chaps

I am swaying back towards Pipex again - too much choice :-)

  Stuartli 13:19 01 Jun 2004

..to find out the results of an ISP survey by a leading consumer magazine derived from information supplied by its members, have a look for news on Thursday.

You might want to have a rethink...

I've no doubt that PC Advisor's news web page will carry details of the overall results...:-)

  [email protected] 20:59 01 Jun 2004

Cheers Stuartli

Can you give me a clue??

  Stuartli 08:56 02 Jun 2004

Sorry, no. There's the usual embargo.

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