Wanadoo will not release me

  Giggle n' Bits 11:37 11 May 2006

Ok, I requested my MAC number which I was provided 5 days after my reuqest. I went to sign up to a new ISP and they rejected my MAC number. Contacted Wanadoo and they said, "Hang on a minute, now try it" so I did and still rejected, they then said would you like to speak to out technical support dept to see if we can fix your problem. I replied, not thanks and was asked if I would speak with their Provisioning dept to resolve the lack of broadband. Again I do not want to stay with Wanadoo.

This is a ongoing for 4 Month's where wanadoo have made the LLU provisioning blunder, I cancelled my serivce 2 weeks ago but not actually totatly cancelled. Apperently there is a difference with Wanadoo. So I asked to be cancelled disconnected from there service, they said this will take effect in 10 days.

If every thing else with Wanadoo & their comunications is anything like the past 4 months then I am not convinced I will be actually cancelled. Offcom don't seem to want to know and I am loosing valuable work time as I am a home run business which relies on Broadband.

What can I do as Wanadoo also seem to have made things more in their favour by changing the clause's in the Terms & Conditions so there's nothing obvious to me to be able to get away from them. Perosnally I think they are in some sort of Breach.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:10 11 May 2006

'they then said would you like to speak to out technical support dept to see if we can fix your problem. I replied, not thanks' you turned down their offer of help.....am I missing something here?


  Stuartli 12:14 11 May 2006

It might be because there are two MACs - one beginning BBIPxxx and the other BPDSxxx

The second is DataStream and, IIRC but not certain, the disconnection has to be done manually (by BT?)

One forum member did post a link a while back to a PlusNet website members' support page detailing the problems it was having with switching customers to LLU, but I can't find it now.

  Giggle n' Bits 12:29 11 May 2006

Wanadoo issued me with only one.
I turned down there offer of technical support as they have not been able to fixe my lack of broadband for 4 months now and phone calls to them are costing a lot and they do not know how to fix my problem (They Admitted it) they are also unable to say when it could be fixed but they just don't seem to Wannano ! HA, Pun.

  Shortstop 15:53 11 May 2006

I had a poor experience of Wannadoo - they sent me a welcome package but I couldn't get connected. I called them to investigate and they denied I was even a customer! They also gave me the runaround [let me put you through to xx department, who can help you more] but I'd had enough after a week of daily calls & terminated the service - which they had no record would ever be supplied anyhow.

To be fair, the removed their block on the line which prevented me using another ISP on the day they said they would - think it was 2 weeks - and I moved wihtout any further problems. I still have their welcome pack showing an account number that Wannadoo cannot identify and confirmation of a service being provided that was 'never offered'. No money was taken from my bank at any time.

Oh - and they were never able to explain why they had ISDN 'blocked' a line when they had no service on that line!



  Stuartli 17:39 11 May 2006

Most people will only have an IP or DS MAC as they are likely to be moving to an ISP with an LLU network.

  Giggle n' Bits 18:44 11 May 2006

Wanadoo seem to have 2 definitions of what Cancel service actually means theres cancel or CANCEL with them. The only way apparently for to be able to move to another isp is to ask Wanadoo to actually Cancel and pull the plug totally which I requested today.

I called a few weeks ago to cancel and ask for my Mac number and they have given me the wrong mac number apparently a MAC number begins with "BB"

Today I recieved 3 other emails from Wanadoo one telling me how good there service is cos they won a ISPS award for the 3rd year running, then I got one telling me they are going to Orange which is old news and another asking me if I still want to cancel. Deerrrrrrr their admin is a joke, think they need to do a NVQ in Business studies or something they don't seem to be able to comunicate with other department at all.

I also will find out in about 4 days if they have issued refund back to my card for lack of service as they promised. Like 4 months now.

There is nothing mre to say about wanado, just beware of them.

  ened 06:46 12 May 2006

I left Freeserve about three months ago without any problem, except that you have to call an 0870 No. for the MAC, which I do not agree with. However I received the code within 24hours and I was away.
I have read several posts about these different codes and have to say surely the consumer should not be expected to understand the difference.

In answer to GANDALF <|:-)> the offer of talking to Technical support with Freeserve is usually merely a cash generator for them. In all my years with them I don't think anything was ever resolved that way.

  Stuartli 11:04 12 May 2006

At least Tiscali provides an 0845 number for cancellations...:-)

  ened 13:05 12 May 2006

I know you are slightly disgruntled with Tiscali from all your contributions in the past few weeks.
But so far I am fairly satisfied.
It even used to be the case that if you called their 0800 Sales number and reached the English centre (As opposed to Scots) they would put you through to whoever you wanted.
Unfortunately I discovered last w/e they have now stopped that.

  Stuartli 13:35 12 May 2006

Judging by my conversations with Tiscali's call centres staff it is getting a bloody nose from its subscribers...:-)

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