Wanadoo Problems Still

  Giggle n' Bits 14:20 05 Apr 2006

Since Feb 06 & Since Wanadoo upgraded my Broadband form 2MB service to 8MB Serivce but only get 6MB or 7MB during day and after 19:00pm 4.5MB the fun really starts with the Broadband line dropping like mad every 5 mins or so.

Having made endless number of phone calls and emails I have not been given any date when if it can my fault be rectified. All they can say is LLU line problem and I actually gave them this information from click here link by finding out my exchange is Hyde in tameside based on Telephone number LLU Line Unbundle date to be 31 July 06.

I really cannot wait till this date if its true.

Anyway, Wanadoo say they have the line now and not BT, funny we pay BT for the line.

Anyway, can anyone offer advice.

I also have a SpeedTouch 330 Silver and know of a friend down the road with the Black version of this modem and he is on the same exchange with no probs. I have also a lady friend using the same modem as me in same location on same exchange and she has the same issues as myself.

I am wondering if the Broadband modem actually is at fault or is unable to cope with the higher speed. I have tried newer drivers.

I called wanaddo customer support to request trying a modem and told £49.99 erh no thanks. If it could fix the issue why should I have to pay.

I was also asked to calle the B.Band Tech support for line test result. I have done this for 5 weeks and still not got any result regarding a line test. Why are they sending me in circles and not fixing the issue. Is it they will not admit that my problems will be fixed until 31 July 06.

I warn other people thinking of going Wanadoo route to check there line that LLU has been unbundled with the Broadband resource centre just incase this is actually the issue.

But wanadoo just don't want to help or know and even still now say check you Micro Filters or its your Firewall software (have none at present)

I have also contacted Ofcom last week but nothing seems to have develeoped yet.


  ened 17:28 05 Apr 2006

Why not just phone Freeserve and ask for a Migration Code?
I have transferred to Tiscali and they will even give you a deal on telephone calls for the same price if you want.
The service is ok as well but just asking for the mac might spur the isp into sorting you out.

  Giggle n' Bits 18:35 05 Apr 2006

I asked for the Mac code to migrate and they refused and asked me to call back another time. I have however managed to force them into supply me with a new modem just to see if it makes any diffence. If it doesn't then I will be leaving it to Tiscali to migrate me away from Wanadoo.

Again, Wanadoo just keep fogging me and other people I know off they know something but do not want to say anything.

Wanadoo if your watching, lets see some real Customer support and really own up and let your customers geniunly what the x your are playing at.

  ened 19:18 05 Apr 2006

They can't refuse - unless you are in a contract and even then I would have thought they should still let you go, with a penalty.

I telephoned them and immediately they said I would receive the code within whatever. In the event the code came through within a day.

Regarding your comments about Freeserve watching, from what I can make out the 'Customer Services' section falls down whichever isp you use, as soon as you have finished with the sales team.

Good Luck anyway - Tiscali seem okay so far!!!!!

  Giggle n' Bits 00:35 06 Apr 2006

I would like to point out a article on Page 14 of Computer Active issue No. 212 30/03/06-12/04/06 In there Consumer watch pages.

All about someone in a totally different area than myself with almost the same problem.

Migrating to Tiscali who actuall have sounded good over the last few days of me discussing my Wanadoo problem I must Compliment even though with Wanadoo they actuall are interested. ***** for Tiscali.

Ok, Migrating is actually going to be a problem thanks to Wanadoo putting me on LLU cos once LLU is implemented your actually really ... sorry carnt finish of this sentence. Just to re-word leaving a service once on LLU with a problem your hands are tied and it could take months to move to another ISP. So I really have Wanadoo to thank. Thank You Wanadoo - 5 Stars if possible.

Another friend who is 6 miles from me on a the next exchange not the same as mine was emailed that his Broadband service with Wanadoo will be being upgraded. They have not carried out this Upgrade on his Line to date since he was mailed in Feb on the 2nd. So Wanadoo have actually realised not to proceed with any more upgrades will there problems have been sorted.

Tiscali say they will be upgrading upto 10MB but are waiting till all LLU is sorted. Like a lot of other ISP's there not in a rush till this LLU stuff is solid reliable.

I asked wanadoo to revert me back to 2MB, which is not possible but I can have Dial-up FOC. Oh Please.

going to contact a another consumer Watch company now if I manage to stay awake.

  WanadooProblems 22:26 09 Apr 2006

Hi guys,

I have posted in a couple of other forums as I have an on-going problem with Wanadoo - in fact, I have had no service for 8weeks and 5days now! Since my upgrade (!) from 2Mb to 8Mb.

I set up a website
[url=click here]WanadooProblems.co.uk[/url]

PC Advisor kindly got in touch with Wanadoo for me too...

So far, I have had a call from a Wanadoo representative and they will apparently be calling me back on Monday (tomorrow). We shall see.

Take a look at my site - you are not alone with your problems. I have only had the site running for 9days and literally thousands of hits already, mainly by help from here at PCA, The Register and ZDNet UK.

  skidzy 23:24 09 Apr 2006

Ive been reading through your thread and noticed you have tried new drivers,have you tried the high speed driver or the extended reach driver ?

Maybe this link will help,maybe not...thought i would post in case you may have missed it in your search for a solution.
click here

  Giggle n' Bits 00:40 10 Apr 2006

Yes I have tried the newer drivers, I even managed to persuede Wanadoo in supply of a new SpeedTouch 330 Black Modem, they wanted to charge me but in the end after saying isn't it worth a try they sent me a free modem.

just give it a few days and see as I only got it on tongiht. they say the Black 330 is no different to the Silver which is untrue cos it prompted for different Drivers and the Firmware number underneath is actually diffenernt. Also I have posted a number of times at the new click here site. Should it be called like the BT One ? Wanadoo.Suck.co.uk ? after all there customer support and service does.

Don't suppose PCA could contact Wanadoo on my behalf. ?

  Giggle n' Bits 13:17 10 Apr 2006

I have tried these drivers your point me towards, thanks but it is a problem with Wanadoo end and LLU. Something they don't seem to be able to fix yet.

Wonder even though it could take 3 months to migrate would I have the same problem with ISP, Tiscali don't think I will.

  Giggle n' Bits 15:44 10 Apr 2006

Called Wanadoo again today and spoke to Customer service becase I was asked to from yesterdays call to phone them to ask for the Provisions Dept.

Customer service told me I was suppose to call them on the 2 March ! No one asked me to do this.
So I said can you put me through now, No they replied its Too Late !. Seriuosly wound up now.

Ok, they asked me to again call Broadband Support, so I did and got a girl called Katie. She told me very sorry bla bla bla but we are trying to rectify the problems. She didn't say if they were trying to rectify the problem ref my account just left that one open.

She also said, The problem is becase Alcatel have took over the BT Line and have made it LLU the problems are becase of Cheap inferior equipment Alcatel have used and this is why LLU if being so much of a problem.

going back to the upgrade in Feb, I did not aurthorise or agree to have the upgrade but they still went ahead. People in my area practically a mile down the road and 5 miles the other way have not been upgraded and some have both not having any problems.

Does anyone know when this LLU problem which is now known going to be actually put right ?

  Giggle n' Bits 01:11 11 Apr 2006

Wandoo told me today that the problem is becase Alcatel have used inferior equipment and this is why I am having the problems. Alcatel apparenlty taken over the BT line.

Can Wanadoo/Alcatel actually do this without your permission ?

Very dissapointed with wanadoo today they also told me I was suppose to call there Provisions line on the 2nd March 06 but becase I didn't and its 10 March its too late.

To put you straight Wanadoo as you do not listen to me via phone or Email maybe you might see this. This last request for me to phone you on the 02 March is a load of Tripe, I was never asked to call you in the Provisions dept.

Your porkeys to date could fill a supermarket with Sausage's, Lol.

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