Wanadoo or Wanadon't?

  staples printer cartridge 20:10 11 May 2005

Try this out for customer service.
I find out BT is upgrading its 512 customers to 1Mb, so check out my Wanadoo to see if they are too. Yes if I pay £20. I phone up and they explian that they have to pay BT to upgrade the line.
"Yes" says I, "but if I was a brand new customer you would have to have my line enabled. SO you are willing to pay for a potential new customer, just not a scuzzy old one tied into a contract"
I write to complain, stating that it makes no sense, my contract runs out in August and this will only mean they lose my business.
They reply saying they have received my letter.
They reply again asking me to provide my e-mail address and phone number?
"Surely you have this information, I seem to remember providing it when I signed up," says I.
Aha, but we need to verify the person writing the letter is actually who they say they are, so we ask them to......write another letter.
Their final letter simply restates the policy I complained about in the first place.
Outstanding customer service.
Guess whether I will renew in August, or go somehwere else? BT? Tiscali? anybody?

  georgemac © 20:37 11 May 2005

I am migrating from wanadoo as soon as my first year is up, basically for the same reason as you.

Looking at the Tiscali £19.99 2 mbit with 15 gbyte allowance option at the moment.

The other thing I don't like about wanadoo is their free web space, ridiculously unreliable to ftp files too, and a big wanadoo advert on your home page - no thanks.

  maz2 00:07 13 May 2005

Just in the process of migrating to Freedom2Surf for that very reason, got my MAC code from Wanadoo and signed up with them on Tuesday got my e-mail from F2s yesterday and it is going ahead on 19th, free migration and free upgrade to 2mbs ok the download limit is 10gig but if they have unmetered access at certain times and it is the same price I was paying Wanadoo £19.99

  ened 06:40 13 May 2005

Whay is a MAC code?

  georgemac © 07:10 13 May 2005

a MAC code is the code you need to get from your ISP to migrate to another provider. They need this so BT can make the changes. You just request the MAC code from your current ISP.

  [email protected]@ 12:51 13 May 2005

"I find out BT is upgrading its 512 customers to 1Mb,"

Actually 512 service was upgraded to 2mb,had mine done early March,it ain't half fast and I would certainly recommend BT Yahoo,it's a good service which is more than I can say for my experience with Tiscali.It started off great but over a period of several months the connection dropped to dial up type speed and customer service was a joke.When I complained about the connection speed their excuses included *you have a bad line,you live in the wrong area and you must be using the service at busy periods*

I changed to BT and although it costs more I consider it well worth the extra.Never a problem with them.

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