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  Agent Smith 09:03 07 Sep 2004

I've been with Freeserve/Wanadoo for around 5 years. A while ago when BB started to become affordable to ordinary Joe Smiths I applied to them for BB service. All the kit came and I waited for the day to arrive to install it. Dawns the day and I unpack and install the modem, filters and software, then the phone rings. It was Freeserve informing me that my line was not suitable, too far from the exchange. I packed everything up and sent it back to Freeserve.

6 September 2004, finally I'm able to get BB so I contact Wanadoo through their homepage to register for BB, I get 75% through the process and then I get an error message telling me that my details are incorrect. After contacting Wanadoo by phone I'm told that I already have BB. I explained as above that their equipment was sent back. I'm told they weren't aware of that. Anyway they will get back to me and what was my phone number, I tell them and they say that's not right, I explained that about 18 months ago I changed my dial up line (using the second line into my property). We have no knowledge of that, did I tell them. I explain that I did and how else would I have been able to connect to the net. They phone back a few hours later and ask for £20 upgrade fee from Dial up to BB. No thanks I tell them, why should I pay when there is no charge for new users. That's the way it is, Oh, just heard we can't upgrade you we made a mistake. Would I like to sign up for a new account, I explained that I wanted to upgrade to keep my e-mail addy. So I'm now signed up to BT BB and going to downgrade my Wanadoo account to Pay as you go so as to keep my e-mail address. Thanks Wanadoo, for nothing.

  Rogmur 22:14 08 Sep 2004

Hi Agent Smith

I was not surprised to read about your problem with Wanandoo.
I recently advised my Uncle to switch to Broadband and as he was with Freeserve dial-up before.
Well the modem arrived and the filters, I installed the software and then plugged in the modem, but no broadband!
We kept reciving the error message 0721 "unable to connect" the remote computer did not respond.

So I rang up wanadoo technical support and was told "yes there is a probem with BT exchange and we are unable to connect you". The support chap said to reconnect in 24 hours time.
So we did and still no service.
My Uncle is being fobbed off with vacuuos excuses from idiots who do not know what they are doing.
I have told him to send Wanadoo their modem back and cancel his broadband account.
I would never recommend Wanadoo to any one

Kind regards

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