Wanadoo Broadband Problems

  Mikeonfreeserve 19:35 29 Jul 2004

I was sent the Speedtouch USB modem as part of the 512k package but the software causes problems at boot up i.e. my pc will not boot up. Downloading patches for the software and a further patch recommended by Wanadoo helpline to update the chipset has not helped. Also the modem emits a piercing high frequency noise for 10 -15 mins of the pc being switched on even when not connected.

I am running Windows 98 and IE6.

Is this just rubbish software and will it be upgraded on CD?

  chugby 21:02 29 Jul 2004

think youve got a dodgy modem (shouldnt make any noises, as far as aware should be silent). Regards booting up, possibly suffering from via/usb power problem, had the same problem myself, could try disconnecting modem at startup or try powered hub.

  Greenmachine 21:28 29 Jul 2004

Yea modems dont amke that noseys i didnt know they had speakers so if they dont well that a bigg problem tho i have a think andh the drive fo your modem mite be intervering wiht the ms stuf it has happened to meand im still trying to fix it ithink a game caused ti. But the other guys sounds totally rite

  Mikeonfreeserve 21:45 29 Jul 2004


Thanks for the reply. I had a scoot around some of the other threads on this and I read some of your helpful replies.

I've got it connected. It's not whistling at me the moment. One steady and one flashing green, so looks like it's just waiting for ADSL.

This time I rebooted at each stage and didn't install Dr Speedtouch.

We'll see. But I will be very hacked off if Windows doesn't shut down and reboot properly after this session.

  cartesian 23:10 29 Jul 2004

Just as a quick aside, I had problems with the filters and I had the same 'one steady one flashing'. Try juggling your filters round on your sockets. I got it working by doing that. (My ADSL only took a couple of days)

  chugby 23:23 29 Jul 2004

both green lights should be on and not flashing
so doesnt sound like you have a connection...just a thought but have you had confirmation from Wanadoo that your broadband connection is setup and ready, can take a while.

would probably get modem replaced, shouldnt make any sounds and as Greenmachine says no speakers connected (could be a market there though!).

spuds link also very helpful if you want to take up compatibility issue with Wanadoo click here

personally i am going to go for a modem/router
option in near future otherwise would try powered hub.

  smokingbeagle 00:57 30 Jul 2004
  Mikeonfreeserve 23:49 01 Aug 2004

I am currently on the Wanadoo helpline at 11:30 pm and have been advised by Darren that I will never get my Speedtouch USB modem working with Windows 98.

I had downloaded and installed both the Speedtouch driver (full driver - not just then upgrade) and an upgrade patch for the Via chipset, as recommended. Still Windows would not boot up and I had to get in through safe mode after having unplugged the modem from its usb port.

I am now told by wanadoo that a usb pci card which bypasses the motherboard "may" solve the problem.

I got an admission that there are known compatibility issues with Windows 98 yet this had not been checked when the broadband pack was ordered and there are no warnings whatsoever about this problem either in the literature supplied with the modem or on Wanadoo's website.

Before I shell out for a pci usb card, has anyone else in a similar position gone down the same route and with any success?

Time for bed!

  maz2 00:18 02 Aug 2004

I installed one for a friend recently and ran into problems (she's got a 98) well eventually we got there and it's working ok, the only problem is that it appears it's interfering with the drivers for her printer (epson C64) which was working great until the modem was installed. I've tried the new drivers for the modem and everything went totally berserk, so that was no good, I also tried downloading new drivers for the printer from Epson and the same thing happened. So now it's hit and miss sometimes the printer works sometimes it doesn't,the ink levels grey out and it stops mid print, which is a pain in the ----, unless somebody out there know of a fix?

  Mikeonfreeserve 08:14 02 Aug 2004

The piercing whine has stopped. It may have been something to do with the pc power supply which was failed completely and was replaced at the weekend.Is this suspicious??

Still got the boot up problem though.

I think I'll leave the pc on until I get an e mail from Wanadoo to tell me that the adsl line has been activated.

I'm thinking of the pci usb fix but would like to know if that solution worked for anyone else or is it a dead end. What is the principle behind this suggested fix anyway? Is a pci usb somehow better than the usb sockets on my pc?

Thanks for the info Maz2. I have an Eppson 640 and I'll keep an eye on it. I did some printing yesterday and all seems fine in that department - oh no...what did I just say?!

  chugby 20:29 02 Aug 2004

Regards to Win98 problem, strange...know there is a bug fix for WinME.
click here
Speedtouch advise compatible with all OpSys, Could try seeking their advise on Wanadoo's reply.

Dont think there is a driver update to fix
VIA/USB problem, powered hub appear to be an answer for some click here

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