Vs PC World, MESH specs seem a clear winner

  ITworksforme 09:45 27 Jan 2009

Living in North London used to mean a choice of half a dozen vendors. Now the main option is PC World at Staples Corner. However, on a recent trip for a PC for my son (12), I was stunned to learn that PC World ask up to £39 for 1GB of memory in the upgrades area.

That price rang alarm bells for me - far too much - so I looked much closer at all of the system prices.

PC World's advertising on systems costing less than £500 is stunningly attractive and it has to be said, that - at that price point - you really can't expect much. The value is good.

What really catches you out is not how much value they deliver at £500...

...but how little value they deliver when you go for a 'more serious specification'.

I won't mention the Dell XPS box with Q9550 they were offering for almost £3,000 - but instead focused on the PCs around £1,000

The difference in specification is just shocking

I know it's an age old tactic for retailers to 'show the nice price in the window - then sell you something else', but the differences here are huge - and the 2 stores are within site of each other across the A5

All told, I'm probably going to go with a MESH Matrix II system that uses one of the new Phenom II processors. It comes with a 1080p screen and costs £749, which seems like a good deal - especially with a 512MB 4850 graphic card. My kid'll go nuts playing with a modern card instead of the old 6200 he has been putting up with until now.

£750 in PC World will give me a 256MB GeForce 9300 - and that's just sad.

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