VOIP supplier?

  Michael_R 12:30 19 May 2007

Hi, does anyone have experience of these VOIP suppliers? click here I am particularly interested in using an adapter and normal phone with my router/modem. I did look at Vonage but they seem to be in a sticky position when I did search on PCAdvisor. So I am looking for a safe and reliable VOIP provider. All my calls are in the UK and amount to approx £15 per month (excluding line rental) from BT.
Any other thoughts or suggestions welcome.

  beeuuem 15:16 19 May 2007

If all your calls are in the UK and to landlines you might be better using click here
click here or click here
You do need to register - free- and use a credit card for payment. All geographic numbers are 5p connection only and you can talk for as long as you like - no sudden charges after an hour.
The problem with VOIP is that, unless the person you are calling is using the same VOIP provider, there is normally a per minute charge.
Which is why using one of the carrier pre select (CPS) providers above can be cheaper.

If you want a VOIP adapter the cheapest I have seen is click here I have one for calling friends who have Skype and it works very well.

I use voipcheap
click here
£10 credit lasts 90 days needs to be placed on account,then you can call normal landlines and variuos international locations for free,you wont use any of the credit unless calling mobiles

  Michael_R 17:03 19 May 2007

Thanks for these links. I'll have to study them and choose. I'll keep the thread open a little longer in case there are any other methods of making cheap UK phone calls. Thanks again Mike

  amonra 20:33 19 May 2007

I and my family have been using 1899 for many years and find them excellent. Voice quality is normally very good and I have had no complaints from the "received" end. Billing is by credit card and efficient.

  Michael_R 22:19 19 May 2007

Thanks every one for the information. I'll mark this as "resolved"

  g0slp 00:57 21 May 2007


Thanks to Michael R for the thread.

I highly recommend click here
Great service and decent prices.

  john bunyan 10:51 21 Feb 2008

Sorry I missed this .I find Vonage (Vonage.co.uk) very good - does all you wanted.

  anchor 11:20 21 Feb 2008

I am sure that they are good, but unfortunately Vonage charge £7.99 per month.

You would get a lots of calls for that cost, using the services mentioned by beeuuem above.

  john bunyan 15:20 21 Feb 2008

anchor. Yes but my wife spends hours on the phone in daytime to family all over uk and friends in Ireland and USA - well over the £7.99 if she used BT.

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