VOIP Experiences?

  squ1rrel 10:11 29 Jun 2004

I'm interested in any experiences of the current voip offerings - in particular the gossiptel.com and Wanadoo's PC Phone offerings, but also any others you'd recommend.

How good is the voice quality compared to a normal phone? (Please specify the kit used)
Is the service reliable? Any particular gotchas?

US phone call cost is a big factor for me (wanadoo looks good), and also incoming number (gossiptel)


  woodt 00:22 30 Jun 2004

Check out Skype seems to work very well click here

  woodt 00:24 30 Jun 2004

Works best with a headset with mike attached to each computer.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:24 30 Jun 2004

Still prefer Messenger. Excellent sound and video...and it is usually bundled on most computers. I'm sure Messenger 6.3 will address ny differences As with Gmail I can't see the point of VOIP, bit like creating a solution where there is no problem.


  chemistryvideo 15:31 06 May 2005

Try 1899 VIOP. I use my Skype phone and 1899.com downloaded file.
No charge for any calls made in the UK (as yet).
Needed lots of tweaking for volumes on both in and out audio but I am upstairs in my office and ring my wife downstairs to see if the volume controls are still on before making any outside calls.
The wierd thing is when I do 1471 on my land line I get the answer that my own number was calling me.

  Hamish 17:18 06 May 2005

I use Skype but also use Yahoo Messenger which i prefer as with Yahoo one can also use the web cam

  DieSse 18:09 06 May 2005

I use the PhoneGaim software phone which is an open standard VoIP (unlike Skype) - and has version for Linux, and a Beta version for Win XP.

It works fine rather than perfectly - however

It can call PC to telephone - not just PC to PC, for which I prefer MSMessenger

I get 5 FREE (yes FREE) calls of 5mins every day, to any telephone number, in any of the majority of countries in the world. You're only supposed to get 1min calls, but in actuality get 5mins. They also have other promotions, recently unlimited FREE calls to Australia.

If you get the approprite D-Link router for your broadband, it comes with 2 VoIP sockets into which you can plug two different regular telephones. This hardware solution is repoertedl superior to the softphones.

For details see click here

  DieSse 18:11 06 May 2005

PS you can even use the free calls to call mobiles in the USA and China, I think.

  Stuartli 14:00 07 May 2005

I use Skype (with headset and mic) and it's just as good, probably better, than for normal phone calls; it's possible to get new phone handsets with a USB connection very reasonably on e-Bay (under £25 for two).

I talk to the offspring on Skype on occasions even though it would be equally free of charge using the normal phone...:-)

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