Vodaphone 121 service

  Rogel 09:37 08 Mar 2015

I recently went on holiday to Sri Lanka and had my iphone4 on aircraft mode. I needed to make a phone call so switched it on. When I got home and got the bill it shows that once I finished the call then 121 was called for 30 minutes there were then two more calls immediately after this finished again to 121 and again for 30 minutes . The next call made was again to 121 but only lasted a few minutes I can only assume this is when I switched the phone back to aircraft mode. I cud make the phone call but when it finished I never dialled the answerphone service. Why would I for over 1.5 hours the phone is for emergencys and is rarely used. Can someone explain what has happened , how do I stop it happening again as I never dialled 121 and now have a huge bill.

  Forum Editor 16:08 09 Mar 2015

It's not unknown for an iPhone to dial calls by itself. If that's what has happened there is not much you can do about the bill - your service provider has the details, and will expect to be paid. You could try talking to them, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Next time you fly, turn your phone off, rather than enabling aircraft mode.

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