Vodafone consumer rights question! Please help!

  gazmix 18:51 01 Apr 2007

I have a Vodafone pay as you go phone that i bought in August last year.

Yesterday & today, it started to act strange. It kept rebooting when i try to unlock keypad & i noticed a lot of messages were being refused!

I called the customer care & have had differing replies.

1. That the shop has to make the decision wether to replace the phone or send it for repair under their 12 month guarantee & it's up to them if they give me a courtesy phone!

2. It's down to the maker (Sagem) & their warranty that is 24 months & that Vodafone don't do a warranty, which i can't believe!

I'm worried. I need my phone for work & am hoping they can exchange it or at least give me a courtesy one whilst being repaired!

What are my rights & also can they save my photos i have on there & put them on a replacement, as i have no way of doing this!

All help appreciated


  Forum Editor 19:16 01 Apr 2007

are those that are provided by the Sale of Goods act, which means that the phone has to be fit for purpose. If it develops a fault, your recourse is to the retailer who sold you the phone - not to the network provider. Retailers may want to send the phone for repair, and that may mean it has to go to the manufacturer. It will be covered against faulty manufacture under the manufacturer's warranty, but that is a something else, and doesn't come under the protection you're afforded by consumer law.

The shop where you bought the phone is not obliged to lend you one whilst repairs are carried out, although they may do so - it's their decision entirely. Vodafone is your network provider, and has no liability for the phone whatsoever.

  Forum Editor 19:19 01 Apr 2007

your question about photos.

No shop will guarantee to save data that has been saved onto the phone's memory, although in practice they should be able to do that - you'll need to discuss it with them when you take the phone for repair.

  gazmix 21:23 01 Apr 2007

I hope they can offer me a loan phone as i need it for work & can't be without it.
I've heard i can maybe pay a deposit for a loan phone.
It's not like a kettle or a book, all my appointments & connections with the outside world are on there.
Are things in the callendar stored on the SIM card i wonder.


  PP321 07:50 02 Apr 2007

I used to know someone who worked in a phone shop and he used to get that all the time.

His answer to the old "every thing is on there, its my life!" was , if its that important, you should have it backed up somewhere because these things happen.

However not practising what i preach, i know how you feel.

The only information stored on a SIM is numbers. IF you have told the phone to keep them their. which is rare.

  gazmix 11:50 02 Apr 2007

Well luckily all the things i needed i emailed texted to a friend & they will text them back & the odd ringtone isn't important.

They offered me a loan phone which i would have had to buy £30 + £100 deposit. Don't know why deposit as if i buy a loan phone!

9 days with a 10 year old phone i have, but i guess it isn't too bad as i thought it would be longer.


  anchor 17:26 02 Apr 2007

Perhaps the retailer and the network provider are the same? - i.e. Vodafone.

Both my phones came from their retail outlet.

  Forum Editor 18:38 02 Apr 2007

Perhaps. It would be helpful to know for sure.

  gazmix 01:41 03 Apr 2007

Well i think he is! It's a Vodafone only phone & a Vodafone shop. It wasn't a Carphone warehouse or phones for you shop.
All the phones in the shop were Vodafone!
Just don't get why they needed a deposit! on a phone i'd be buying if i did, which i didn't!

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