Vista Ultimate wheres the cheapest place for it..?

  perpetual motion 20:11 24 Feb 2009

hi all im in the proccess of buying vista ultimate 64Bit Version & the RETAIL version NOT the Upgrade, I have been looking around for a while & cant seem to find it cheaper than £150 which is still value for money...does anyone know where it may be a better deal OR is selling one please....?


  citadel 20:41 24 Feb 2009

microsoft probably dictates prices so it will be about the same everywhere.

  perpetual motion 21:23 24 Feb 2009

citadel thats intresting to know thankyou...

  birdface 10:54 25 Feb 2009

Well there is always this if anyone in your family is in full time education or attending collage or University.Worth a look.

click here

  perpetual motion 12:29 25 Feb 2009

buteman" YOU SUPERSTAR!!
Im studying at the moment & i didnt know its was available at THAT price..omg...can i use the UPGRADE ontop of XP PRO..? do you know..?
MANY thanx..!!

  perpetual motion 13:04 25 Feb 2009

OMG ive just bought "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007" for "£45" inc delivery!!
compaired to click here
which is the EXACT same software..i couldnt find it on Ebay for less than £150..?

  birdface 15:10 25 Feb 2009

Yes you should be able to use it to to upgrade from Xp Pro.99% sure but better waiting until someone can confirm it.

  birdface 15:12 25 Feb 2009

Thats what you call a good saving.Best of luck I hope everything goes well for you.

  perpetual motion 16:01 25 Feb 2009

buteman thankx!!! your a star..!

  Why wont it work 08:32 26 Feb 2009

If you are, or know a university student you can get software even cheaper from 'the Ultimate Steal' here:

click here

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