Vista Prices and buying a US version

  neutronxx 13:00 25 Jan 2007

With all the contraversy over the Vista pricing, (see latest PS3 news too!!) and our American cousins getting a better deal for their dollar; would buying a US copy and shipping it over be better? i.e would it work on a UK PC or is their some form of region lock? Windows XP appears to be generic...

i'm not planning on upgrading yet, i dont mind XP, but i may pick a copy up in the summer if i'm there and it saves me ££££'s.


  Terry Brown 15:34 25 Jan 2007

I don't know, but I'm guessing their would be a problem with registering it ( Do certain countries have 'blocks' of serial numbers ?)

  Kate B 16:23 25 Jan 2007

No problem with registering it, but not all US vendors will ship to a UK address. Some also require you to pay with a US credit card. You will also be subject to VAT and import duty, so it might not be much of a saving.

  Kate B 16:24 25 Jan 2007

*makes note to read post to the end before replying* Actually, if you buy it yourself in the US you'll be fine. You should in theory of course declare it at Customs if you bring back goods over the current duty free limit, which is around £130 ...

  sunny staines 16:31 25 Jan 2007

any retail members explain why uk prices are so high with the dollar being so low, they ought to be getting vista at good exchange rates.

  neutronxx 18:15 25 Jan 2007

Of course, i would declare to customs once entering the country......:-)

After posting this i noticed this subject crops up on the FAQ for Vista. If memory serves me well, i recall reading that PCA will be covering purchasing Vista abroad soon.

Always been tempted to buy a game in Walmart or something whilst over there, but never been sure due to potential PS2 and DVD type restrictions.

  Totally-braindead 18:58 25 Jan 2007

My sister is visiting from the USA in March and this has started me thinking. Shes not bring any presents or anything with her so I might consider asking her to bring me some software.

  STREETWORK 21:47 25 Jan 2007

The price is argued by Microsoft because the operating system has to be tweeked for UK use and this obviously cost a bomb to do.

Oh, and they call this 'fair trade'

The option is, do not buy it and make then bring the price down, all hold fast together...

  terryf 00:30 26 Jan 2007

The argument about tweaking for uk doesn't hold much water when examples like 'color' crop up in winxp uk version

  vitrocmax 00:57 26 Jan 2007

Has anybody found any EU prices?

I could understand 'tweaking' costing more for a completely different language, like French or German, and even more expensive in,for example, Swedish where the number of users is likely to be much lower, but expect that there won't be all that much to change between US/English.

I doubt I will be rushing out to get a copy for a while.

  Totally-braindead 11:35 26 Jan 2007

I've been looking at the prices of the OEM software specifically prices and what I have found is that if you buy the Vista Home Premium it costs £63.14, bear in mind its OEM I'm talking about. But I could buy the XP Media Centre Edition for £70.35 which includes an upgrade to Vista Home Premium. If you go for a XP Home you only get an upgrade to the basic Vista which I don't think most people would be happy with.
I'm not considering the upgrade to Vista at the moment as there will be problems but if you're building a new PC this would be a reasonable solution. You could use the XP Media Centre Edition for a few months and when you were ready jump on the Vista bandwagon when hopefully any glitches would be sorted out. The US equivalents of the UK OEM software tends to be about £20 cheaper. The difference in the full versions rather than the OEM versions vary between £5 and £40 depending on whether you want Premium or Basic.
The 2 sites I used to compare the different prices if anyones interested is for the US version and for the UK.
So the differences are not as great as I first thought and bearing this in mind I would have thought that if you buy from the US and the customs get involved you would definately be much more expensive with the US edition.

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