Vista price - again - sorry!

  Ancient Learner 17:02 06 Mar 2007

I see from an article reported regarding this vexted topic that £350 is quoted for a copy of the Ulimate version. Here in Portugal I see it advertised by a Supermarket at €290, a whole lot less.

Would this work in England do you think.

Don't we all just love Microsoft!!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:24 06 Mar 2007

You pays your money and takes your choice although I am led to believe that wages in Portugal are somewhat less than in the UK.


  Belatucadrus 17:29 06 Mar 2007

I don't pays me money, I keeps it as XP does all I want, that's my choice. I've got plenty of things on the shopping list before I even consider blowing that much on a fancy new interface and a raft of software compatibility issues.

  Al94 17:43 06 Mar 2007

For the time being, I agree 100%

  howard64 19:54 06 Mar 2007

received the parts for my new pc today from dabs. This will be an xp pro job and will remain so until either the price of vista comes down or Bill personally hands me a free copy.

  Jackcoms 20:47 06 Mar 2007

"Would this work in England do you think".


  Ancient Learner 21:04 06 Mar 2007

Thanks for your comments all of you.

The price of all electronics here is similar to England and I don't really agree with the remarks
concerning income levels as far as those who buy our sort of stuff. Whatever - there is no reason why Vista is cheaper here than in England. One is driven to wonder what the costs are in the remainder of Europe.

I am not going to buy it yet, because I am sure it is far too early, and the benefits don't sound to be there, in contrast to XP. Shame on Microsoft!

I'll wait 'till I have, and I mean have to get a new PC/Laptop.

But the price difference is outrageous. And I'm not talking about late colony.

  anskyber 22:23 06 Mar 2007

Try Germany, it's even more expensive there when compared with the UK. I'm glad I'm in the UK.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:57 07 Mar 2007

click here It would appear that Portugal has one of the lowest wage structures in the EU and this will, to some degree, affect pricing.


  Ancient Learner 12:14 07 Mar 2007

Right, so leaving aside any views on wages etc., it would be most interesting to identify costs in other countries in Europe. Holidays will be here shortly, and perhaps the destination may influenced by such information.

So far Portugal is cheaper than England and Germany more expensive. How about France and Spain for instance?

  anniel 14:33 07 Mar 2007

I was silly enough to buy my new PC from Evesham in January, a week or so too early to get one with Vista onboard. However, I did get a voucher which entitles me to Vista Home Premium for the cost of £10. The CD will be sent to me this week, according to the supplier.

My point is that this seems to be a ridiculously low price compared to what Vista is being sold for in the shops.

Naturally, I am very grateful to Evesham for this great deal, but I feel sorry for those people who will pay through the nose for it.

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