Vista or XP?

  Gamer555 18:35 28 Aug 2007

I am about to take the plunge and get a new PC for gaming but am undecided on whether to go with Windows Vista or Windows XP. Can Vista handle the latest games and are all games compatible with it?

Am I better off going with XP and upgrade to Vista later on, when all the glitches are solved?

  SANTOS7 18:42 28 Aug 2007

click here

compatability list in link

if you have Windows Vista and an older DirectX 9 card, you should still see better performance with Windows Vista than Windows XP, even if the hardware remains unchanged. "DirectX 9 on Vista will run faster throughout due to the better device driver model..."

XP for conservative use, Vista for hardcore Gaming.

  wee eddie 19:22 28 Aug 2007


You will need lots of RAM and a decent, up to date DirectX 10 Graphics Card.

XP will be old hat with the next round of Games Updates.

  [email protected] 19:54 28 Aug 2007

im still undecided, vista gets faster with every driver update, but google any game name and vista. and there are problems. but it's a new o/s and it is getting better.
i have a 2gb xp pc with a dx 10 card which i use for gaming, at the moment there isnt a 'vista only' game that hasnt been cracked and seems to run faster with xp. a lot of the gaming pc houses still supply xp pro and the top 10% of 3d benchmark 1100+ rigs are xp pro.
part of me thinks gaming software will have to be written for vista as it's the new o/s. but i have a 4 gb dual core 8800 pc and it sits at 36% ram usage and over 1 gb of memory assigned to video memory at idle and im beginning to wonder just how what spec of pc will be needed to run games at 100 frs at full settings.
the best advice you can get is from someone you know who is a hardcore gamer. after 6 months im still very undecided.
but xp wont be around for ever.

  GaT7 20:37 28 Aug 2007

An interesting article: XP vs. Vista - A Tale of Framerates click here. It was written 3-4 months ago, & as adman 2 says, things are always getting better. G

  wags 22:27 28 Aug 2007

I'd say stick to XP until DX10 or, should I say DX10.1 cards are man enough to play DX10/10.1 games. At the moment, based on extensive tests in a well known PC mag aimed at PC builders, the DX10 cards, even the 8800 Ultra, cannot play any of the DX10 games at decent frame rates and have to resort to DX9 mode to be playable.

I am a member of a Call of Duty2 clan (also play other games) and not a single gamer out of 20 odd members uses Vista, even those who have recently acquired or built new PCs. All the benchmarks I have seen show that XP is faster in games at present and driver support for some gaming peripherals such as Nostromo Speed pads is poor to non-existent in Vista.

If I was building a PC today, I'd most probably stick XP on it with something like a 8800 GTS which will wipe the floor with DX9 games and upgrade to Vista when gfx cards are powerful enough to play in DX10/10.1 etc.

  [email protected] 22:38 28 Aug 2007

that's the feeling i get, halo 2 for example plays great out the box, start turning the settings up and turn aero, sidebar and av off, all the aa settings and nforce tweeks are disabled because they simply wouldn't work with so much stuff going on in the background, i think sp1 will disable all the background, i think it has to.

  easyvibe 22:39 28 Aug 2007

well am going to kept xp on my machine for as long as i can.i can remember when xp first came out things not working ,patch this patch that my mates got vista on his laptop with a 2gig memory upgrade and hes just exchanged it for xp

  easyvibe 22:41 28 Aug 2007

oh i nearly forgot the final nail in the vista coffin on my mates machine was it would'nt run media centre through the x 360. app theres a bug somewhere lol

  easyvibe 22:41 28 Aug 2007

oh i nearly forgot the final nail in the vista coffin on my mates machine was it would'nt run media centre through the x 360. app theres a bug somewhere lol

  Gamer555 22:49 28 Aug 2007

The PC im going to get is from Cougar and I was going to go for the 8800gts 320mb with 2gb RAM. But someone else on this forum informed me that Nov/Dec time, the next generation of DX10 cards will be brought out from Nvidia and ATI, so I am now going to wait until then when I'll order it.

So I'll wait until perhaps the new year, then make a decision. (It's only a few months + I'll have more money to spend!) Hopefully by then the niggles with Vista will be sorted out and a graphics card that will be fully compatible with it will be available, and I will go for that. :)

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