Is Vista as bad as people are saying?

  juniorsplat 21:17 07 Aug 2006

I have heard a lot of people saying how bad windows vista is, but actually I am using it right now and have found it very good indeed, even though the computer is very slow. Actually, although most of the programs are supposed to be completely re-written, a lot of Windows XP can be recognised inamongst the new vista. It does to me seem very secure, and is very easy to use. On a faster computer, I can imagine Vista becoming very good, even though it may not be used by many due to the ammont of looking down on it there has been
Sorry if I am looking over anything, but it seems fine.


  Jimmy14 21:37 07 Aug 2006

it is expected that people will pick problems with Vista because after all its a beta operating system available for citizens to download and try then report any glitches they may find to Microsoft. I wouldn't use the word bad, it's just in its early stages. We still have till 2007 before the final product is unveiled. Any software is not the best while going through the testing stages.


  juniorsplat 21:42 07 Aug 2006

I can see what you're getting at but personally I can't find any holes in it myself, and I would be happy to adopt it as my permanent OS when 2007 comes.

  Jimmy14 21:51 07 Aug 2006

If you remember correctly, Vista was only available to IT Specialists/Developers to download and test when the beta versions came out. LOng after that we, the public were allowed to download it. All the professionals in the first instance would have probably found alot of problems and reported them back to Microsoft. Unless you are a IT professional I don't think you can say " I can't find any holes in it myself". I am not an IT professional and have tried Vista but I am not trained to look for problems or test it, i am only able to use it like a home office operating system with basic features.

  jimmybond 01:11 08 Aug 2006

hey i think Microsoft are onto something here. They need juniorsplat as their testing department. Then they could say, "Well, it looked ok to us, no holes in it"

Bill Gates views the test sheet results, under mounting pressure....

1. Opened a browser window
2. played minesweeper.
3. did budgeting in excel
4. Looks ok to me.

just kidding ;-))

  Jimmy14 01:21 08 Aug 2006


  silverous 09:38 08 Aug 2006

2 questions:

i) Who is saying it is bad


ii) Where do I get a copy (officially, not a dodgy one)

  juniorsplat 10:56 08 Aug 2006

Many peole have said it is bad and I took it for a test drive but never mind, you have won.

  silverous 11:04 08 Aug 2006


  wee eddie 11:12 08 Aug 2006

On this forum, it is fairly normal to be disagreed with. In fact it would not be what it is without a level of gentle banter.

As to Vista Beta (Version ???) there were a number of problems with the earlier installations but these appear to have been rectified. That's what Beta Testing is all about.

I am sure that, in bedrooms around the world, teenage boys (maybe girls and older folk as well) are trying to find slip-ups in the coding so that they may score points with their peer group.

  [email protected] 14:08 08 Aug 2006

IE7 Beta 3 works well
I cannot speak for Vista office that is the next trial later this year Hopefully some of the fixes will be in use
only one blog in pcadvisor news this week concerning Vista which can be hacked but even the expert stated that it was a very secure system Only people who know BlueSquad well could hack into microsoft Vista

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