Visa and Mastercard stopping consumer choice?

  Widows Son 00:11 20 Oct 2006

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I know that there has been lots of debate as to the legality of the site mentioned – but should credit card companies be able to do this? It could be the narrow edge of a very thick wedge if they are going to start taking a ‘moral’ stance on what we spend our money on.

I'd tend to be opposed to this action on the grounds that I don't think “Big Buisness” are the correct people to ‘Police’ the web.

Also I don’t think it’ll achieve their desired end – paypal etc will no doubt quickly become an option for payment

I’m interested in other users opinions

  hssutton 09:05 20 Oct 2006

Well if this quote is correct "But US officials say AllofMP3 operates outside international agreements and no artists have been given royalties." especially the last part, then I agree 100% with th C/C companies

  Stuartli 09:06 20 Oct 2006

I might normally support you but I'm with the credit card companies on this one.

You'd probably think a lot differently if you were one of the musical artistes whose work was being used to make profits without receiving due reward for their talent.

  Stuartli 09:55 20 Oct 2006

The CC companies might be considered, in legal terms, to be "aiding and abetting" an offence.

  Stuartli 10:43 20 Oct 2006
  spuds 12:16 20 Oct 2006

I think one point that credit card holders ignore, is in the original transaction, it is not 'our' money, but that of the credit card company, and as such they have the right to apply their own terms and conditions.

Making a decision as seems to appear here, is basically covering their own back and possibly that of their customers.Litigations and long drawn out court cases, especially on an international scale, can be very time consuming as well as very expensive.All of which will eventually end up with the customer, rightly or wrongly, footing the bill.

  Widow's Son 11:23 10 Nov 2006

Would they not be better of starting by blocking payments to child pornography sites or spammers viagra sites etc and leave mp3s alone?

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