Virus check taking 36 Hours! >PC World!

  ivesy 20:55 18 Feb 2004

Today we have been told TWICE at my local PC World that the reason why my girlfiends parents PC wasn't ready for collection after it's 'Healthcheck' was that a Virus check can take upto 36 Hours! By the Patronising sales assistants. I explained when I run Norton on my PC it takes 30 mins max. Yes they replied but this is an old computer I responded with it's only a couple of years old to which the asistant curtly replied with, "it's older than that" and wondered off to find the PC which we had been told was still running this mammoth program. He scuttled back and got another equally patronising assistant to give us the PC back. They said they use a DOS virus checker which can take upto 36 hours! Silly me thought this was just an excuse for taking 2 days to do a simple health check and hoping to blind my girlfriends parents (in there 60's) with waffle. After a word with the manager who agreed it shouldn't have taken more than an hour and infact had been ready for collection that morning (strangely my girlfriend's parents had been told at 1.30 pm it wasn't ready when they called into the store). We received 2 packs of blank CD's as an apology!

  jimv7 01:33 19 Feb 2004

So they did nothing that you could not do for yourself and charged you for it, mmmmmmmm

  MichelleC 08:37 19 Feb 2004

It's true a dos virus scan can take much longer than an os one (but I don't know why). I assume the PCW Healthcheck is just a scandisk, defrag and a few simple maintenance checks. I could be in the wrong business.

  thisisnighthawk 10:00 19 Feb 2004

PC world is like the ad's you see for cars, all the "we give them a 128 point check" so that is 4 wheels, 20 wheel nuts, 4 tyres, a couple of doors, some seats..and so on, as was said above, they do nothing you could not do yourself in 30 minutes..and of course if you get stuck, ask on here....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:27 19 Feb 2004

Has anyone consideredthat the '36' might mean thast they were busy and could not do it for 36 hours? It's all about semantics really.


  Jester2K 11:25 19 Feb 2004

I did think that but the fact that it was actually ready for collection means that its not really down to semantics..... If it was ready that morning (by the managers own admission) why where the two jokers claiming it was still being virus checked?

  Edstow 13:41 19 Feb 2004

My father is arthritic and has heart problems so he is a sometimes wheelchair user. Regulars here may know that he builds all my business machines and is very au fait with computers and their workings.

It's only his body that's a bit decrepit, the brain works as well as ever but, being in a wheelchair automatically puts one in the "ga-ga" category for many people, particularly shop assistants in larger organisations like PC World. It's highly entertaining to wheel Dad into PC World and watch the predatory ignoramuses (sales consultants) descend on him hoping that they can trap another poor soul into their web of incompetence and extended warranty cons. It works in Currys, Dixons and Comet as well but it's not as amusing as PCW.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:52 19 Feb 2004

'It's highly entertaining to wheel Dad into PC World and watch the predatory ignoramuses'

I now know what 'patronising' means...*eyes raise*


  Edstow 14:08 19 Feb 2004

I am pleased for you, sir.

  MichelleC 14:56 19 Feb 2004

I know what you mean Edstow. It's others' attitudes to disabled people which is amusing (and irritating sometimes).

  anchor 15:26 19 Feb 2004


They would probably do the same if you came in with Stephen Hawking.

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