Virus Alert -ALDI / Gericom External HDD

  smokingbeagle 04:05 03 Sep 2004

Got mine today,new, boxed, shrink wrapped. Panda antivirus found it infected with VBS/Redlof.A. I will be contact their "hotline" during office hours and post back with their reaction.

  smokingbeagle 07:36 03 Sep 2004

Should have said I got it on 2/9/04. If you are infected, delete the two items on external hard drive. Run your virus checker to disinfect.Format the external drive. Go to click here
This tells you how to remove all traces. Don't send out emails until you've cleared your PC.

  smokingbeagle 10:34 03 Sep 2004

Spoke to teutonic sounding gentleman at Gericom. He took details which he said would be passed to his "Headquarters" who would notify ALDI. Got the distinct impression that the only product that Gericom were interested in supporting was their notebook.
Advice to anyone considering purchase : This is solidly built external hard drive. I would not consider it portable because it weighs in at about 400 grams / 1lb. If you are not confident about disinfecting, don't buy this product. You'll receive little help from Gericom apart from advice to run a virus checker.

  dje 11:50 04 Sep 2004

Ditto! same virus same problem found and removed immediately with avg anti virus. NOT IMPRESSED and was not connected to www at the time. Item was shrink wrapped, brand new out of the box.

Disk comes pre-formatted in FAT 32. As I have Xp I have now partitioned and formatted it NTFS.

  spuds 13:12 04 Sep 2004

The local three Aldi stores in my area were selling these very fast,so it looks like there will be a few surprises on installation. PCW have a similar [Maxtor?] 160GB drive on offer at a much more expensive price, so the Aldi/Gericom looks like a very good bargain.

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