The Brigadier 13:52 03 Jan 2007

I used to think that one of the best ISP's were Virgin.Net but i'm starting to think their service is going down hill, fast! Sometimes it just auto-disconnects for no reason, this can be frustrating when writing on this forum or surfing the net.

Virgin.Net tell me to re-install the drivers but this does nothing!! Anyone else with Virgin getting the same sort of service?

  fullyfitted 15:00 03 Jan 2007

I agree, I've been with Virgin for more years than I care to remember and I've always in the past had good service and technical help but since the middle of November I've had exactly the same problems and the same negative help. That is when they bother to reply.
Time for a change I think

  The Brigadier 15:17 03 Jan 2007

When i was on half MB & 1MB the service was fine but since going to 4MB (cant get 8MB as exchange cant take it) the sevice has gone down hill quickly.

  fullyfitted 15:30 03 Jan 2007

The Brigadier
I have still got the 1MB sevice and the same problems
I was going to upgrade but I'm having second thoughts

  oldbeefer2 15:31 03 Jan 2007

Is this a problem with ADSL MAX? I'm with a small ISP and had no problems until 'upgraded' - since then, frequent disconnections and widely varying speeds.

  season8 18:45 03 Jan 2007

I'm with and agree the service since going up to 8MB is poor. I get 4MB if i'm lucky, mainly as the local exchange can not take anything higher. I only stick with it as it's such a hassle to change.

  SANTOS7 19:27 03 Jan 2007

I live in North yorks (XP Pro SP2) been with virgin for a couple of years now and since beeing upgraded to 8meg service its been the same as it always was "no problems at all" i only get 4-5megs but nobody said i would get the full 8, nor will anyone else!!
recommended service to a friend of mine a few months ago, had a few teething probs with wireless router and virgin actually phoned him back and sorted the problem for him, up and running now ,sweet as a nut.
seems odd you get so many probs and i do not...

  rodriguez 19:47 03 Jan 2007

I've got Sky Broadband and this used to frequently disconnect - but when I turned off UPnP in the router, it hasn't disconnected since. I don't know if this is the case with other ISPs but it's worth a try.

  Dval 09:30 30 Jan 2007


After seeing latency problems of 200ms per hop, rather than 20ms I contacted Virgin support to query the problem.

I was informed it was a known issue and that they are in the process of expanding their network to address the issue. That it was being given the highest priority by Virgin Head Office.

However, the customer support agent was unable to provide me with a roadmap for the completion of this work.

I've just mailed their Tech Support requesting this information. I'll share it should I receive it.

  Terry Brown 16:20 30 Jan 2007

I don't know if this is a co-incidence, but Virgin NTL & Telewest are now one company.

Up to now Telewest has always given good service, I shall have to see if the service /quality drops.

  gardener 17:18 01 Feb 2007

I have been getting the same problem with recently.I lose the connection for around 1-2 minutes and it always happens between 5 and 7pm.Weird!!

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