jimmybond 09:38 03 May 2006

I've recently moved home, and need to setup a new broadband account. Things I'm after are - no 12 month contract, free connection, reasonable download limit. seemed to fit the bill - I was after the 2Mb-8Mb plan2 option at £17.99, however, one of these 'line/postcode' checker things has reported that I may only be able to gt 512k max connection.
My question is this - if I order the 2Mb package, and the 'most' I get is 512k, is it possible to change packages/downgrade to the £14.99 plan3? Will they do this automatically themselves? Unfortunately, it's the same old story, of there's nobody on a phone support line you can ask this, or even e-mail.
The reason I want to at least try for the faster plan2, is that I know my neighbour is on 8Mb broadband.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:03 03 May 2006

I doubt that they will do it automatically but as it is a one month contract, you can change down to plan 3.

  jimmybond 10:11 03 May 2006

ta - although it's a 'one month' contract - they do "reserve the right to charge you £50, if you cancel before 12 months" - in order to cover the connection cost.
I wouldn't fancy going through the hassle of cancelling at £50 cost, and re-ordering?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:19 03 May 2006

That's a good point - £50 is reasonable I suppose but if they cannot provide you with 2mb, then they should allow you to freely downgrade to 512k package.

Let us know if you get a definitive answer.

  Skills 11:19 03 May 2006

I would imagine that they would allow you to downgrade your service rather than having to cancel the account and reorder.

  Stuartli 17:57 03 May 2006 is a Virtual ISP (just like Tesco etc) and provides the service through a real ISP.

Could be worth checking out your line on the website for the true potential speeds.

There are other ISPs who operate a one month contract - no doubt forum members will come up with them.

  ade.h 18:01 03 May 2006

Such as F2S, which is reasonably easy to get hold of. It's worth asking other companies what speed or package they think they can give you.

0870 242 3758

  The Spires 23:01 04 May 2006

You could do a lot worse than Zen, one month contract, superb service, any problems you speak to a person in the UK with instant phone answering. If you email Zen they usually answer in half an hour. click here

  jimmybond 19:00 05 May 2006

I went with

Up to 8Mb (apparently my line will cope with 2Mb). £14.99 per month, 1 month contract.

  jimmybond 13:30 08 May 2006

Well, thumbs up to EFH (so far anyway!).

Ordered their service last thursday, and got an e-mail with a 'go live' date of 15th May.

Anyway, I plugged in my router at the weekend, out of curiosity, and was surprised to see that it was picking up broadband.

I phoned up EFH support today, and the guy said he'd be surprised if it was working already, with a 15th May date - but as I didn't have a username/password - he called me back with these, 5 mins later, so I could test.

Went home at lunchtime, and set this up in 5 mins, on wireless. Quick speed tests show about 1.3Mb download. As my line was only meant to give 0.5Mb theoretical and 1.5Mb (possible), I'm happy anyway ;-)

  Stuartli 16:38 08 May 2006

Perhaps the previous property owner or his/her ISP hadn't cancelled an existing BB account?

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