DANZIG 00:16 20 Oct 2007

Next Wednesday, I'm FINALLY getting broadband installed!

On Virginmedia - because we have the phone and TV with them and its a bloody good deal!

Anyone out there had any issues with 'Branson's Boys and Girls'???

  DerekR 00:25 20 Oct 2007

click here

Here's a good place to browse... make what you will of it!!

  DANZIG 00:38 20 Oct 2007

Hmmm. It would seem they are all as bad as each other!

  BT 08:33 20 Oct 2007

I've had NTL/Virgin for many years and its always been OK. Broadband comes down the TV cable so no issues with distance from the exchange.
The only problem I had was moving house from London to Norwich and their 'Moving House' option on the website couldn't cope with it. It seems to only work if you are moving in the same area/town. To give them their due they sent someone out the next day when I pursuaded them that I really had moved to a different town.

  bremner 10:51 20 Oct 2007

I have been with Telewest>NTL>Virgin for over 10 years, TV, Phone and BB.

The reliability of each and speed of BB had been excellent as had the customer support until the last six months.

As I and others have said Virgin seems to be great until you have a problem and then it all goes haywire.

BB support is by premium line when it used to be free. If you try to email the support they either don't reply or if they do it takes weeks.

BB was always (for me) spot on the advertised speed until I was upgraded to 20Mb - I struggle to get 12Mb and trying to get them to sort is has been awful. I am seriously considering changing to Sky.

  ajm 11:15 20 Oct 2007

I have also signed up for the 3 for £20 package. My installation date is this Monday. So far I have had two calls from theri customer services to confirm the time and also to notify of a nother minor issue.

Will let you guys know Monday

  DANZIG 02:53 21 Oct 2007


I have XP on my desktop PC and Vista on my lappy. If I had a wireless router installed would that cause an issue??

  Ranger 12:13 21 Oct 2007

As far as I'm aware the only issue with the wireless router is it has to be for cable, you can't use a ADSL router.

PS I'm using a wireless router and have no problems

  Ranger 12:14 21 Oct 2007

OOPS! I think I misread yur question, apologies

  LABMAN 22:31 21 Oct 2007

Hi Danzig,

No having two different operating systems will make no difference at all in using a wireless router to connect your laptop to the internet.

The only proplem you may have is if you wanted to create a wireless network and share files between the PC an laptop but I'd imagine that wouldn't be impossible either.

  ajm 17:41 22 Oct 2007

Further to my previous post, Virgin Media cam today as promised. The two engineers were professional and helpful. All done within 1 hour and confimed working.

Will now have to get a wireless router to allow 3 machines to be netwroked together, including a Apple MacBook Pro.

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