Virgin Net - Busy Number, Engaged Tone

  Azrael 11:27 07 Jul 2003

I've not been able to connect to Virgins 24seven service, for about 2weeks as I get
the "number busy" message every time I try to connect.... This has happened
everyday for about 2weeks as I try to connect each day to see if its
working, but sadly It's still broken and I'm feeling cheated.... As after another week, It will simply be another waste of £13.50!!!!....

Any one else suffering the same problem.... I've not connected to Virgin for ages.... yet they still charge me!

I've emailed them about the problem and eagery wait the response!

  bamfiesler 11:43 07 Jul 2003


I've been having mega problems with Virgin dropping me out, sometimes five times in as many minutes! They blame everything from BT gain to your own kit, etc.

The more cynical of us reckon they're deliberately doing it toforce people to step up to ADSL.

Try this Number, it's the one I use:-


You should contact your credit card issuer, and claw back the money temporarily. Then watch how fast they contact you! I did that with NTL a few years back, and boy, did they waken up then!

Good luck,; let me know how you get on?

  Azrael 12:21 07 Jul 2003

I cant thank you enough, that number actully worked.... I'm online via VIRGIN!!! its a miricle!!... Now I'm just waiting for the connection to keep dropping!! Thanks for your help Bam.... I'll let you know of the email repsonses....

I've also suspected poor dial up, as an incentive to join ADSL, thing is I can't wait to get ADSL but I'm constantly on the move between my Uni Term address and my Home address, so i cant afford to pay 12mth subscription when I'm only at each places for 6mths

  bamfiesler 14:28 07 Jul 2003

Hey, It's nice to help someone out after all the help I've received from the PCAdvisor site. ;-)

  3Toed 22:11 07 Jul 2003

Just to add my penneth-
My connection is Virgin 24/7 as well,and i have only suffered a couple of times in as many years,even then the 'unable to connect' scenario only happens for about 30 secs.
Not sure why they would try to drive you towards adsl,particularly when broadband is still in a minority(thinking about the people that are not able to even get it).They would lose too much cash taking that approach,especially at this still 'infant stage'.

  Andybear 21:39 09 Jul 2003

I used to be with Virgin dial up. It worked fine with W95 on my old PC. When I bought my latest one with WXP on it earlier this year I had loads of problems, with frequent engaged signals / disconnections. Nothing Virgin suggested worked. In the end they said it was probably down to WXp and suggested I go back to an earlier version of Windows! That was the day they became my ex-ISP. I'm now on NTL broadband and am very happy with it.

  Sie1 13:51 10 Jul 2003

I've used Virgin for around a year now. In general terms, the service has been very good.
The only time that I get a problem logging on is when I attempt it around 9.00 pm, where I sometimes get an engaged tone and have to make a couple of attempts, but this is rare. A few of my friends use Virgin on my recommendation and are all happy with the service.

When I upgraded to XP, i just configured my account manually without any probs and now also use the same account with my laptop.

I have had one main problem, around three months into my contract. I had to do a reinstall after a major crash and could then not log into my account details. After getting the usual uninformed help from the helpline staff, I spoke to the main technical chap who checked my account at his end and found that it had become corrupted. They fixed it within a couple of hours and I have had no further problems since.

I will be leaving them soon as I am switching to broadband but BT have not enabled my local exchange so I will have to go the cable route, but would have stayed with virgin if I where able.



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