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  folsom 20:26 07 Dec 2009

Well had cause to celebrate today ....(I don't think so) called Virgin Mobile on 0845 number and was told "they are extremely busy" call will be answered within 20 minutes (how do they know that?) in the event it was 56 minutes and 37 seconds which to me is a record, beating even BT on a bad day.

How do these companies do business with such appalling customer service. ?

Answers on a postcard to Richard Branson.

  birdface 10:22 08 Dec 2009

Why do folk stay on the line so long when they know that there is a long waiting list.
This time of year when everyone is wanting new phones for Xmas presents or different deals.
Picked the wrong day of the week to phone.
And probably the wrong time of day.
And it is all Virgins fault.
Maybe tell us what was so urgent that you would want to stay on the phone for nearly an hour just to speak to someone.

  birdface 11:56 08 Dec 2009

Looks like Richard has Higher Priorities.

click here

  folsom 12:15 08 Dec 2009

buteman.....why do people stay on line for so long, well because this was the third time i had called them on three different days at three different times, so perhaps you could suggest WHEN is the right day, right time, to call them to report a fault with my mobile, or perhaps i can do this WITHOUT speaking to someone.

Perhaps i should plan to have a fault with my mobile at the right time of year.


  interzone55 13:29 08 Dec 2009

Would it not have been quicker to visit the shop where you got the phone?

from experience of working in a call centre environment I can tell you a few things.

They know the average call length from their call logs. They know how many people are currently in the queue. One times the other equals estimated hold time.

It only takes a couple of people with lengthy queries to make your wait longer - for instance I'm often on the phone to customer with unusual problems or requests for well over 30 minutes.

Customers with additional warranties will have access to a free phone number and they will jump the queue...

  folsom 14:20 08 Dec 2009

alan 14...thank you for enlightening me on the way call centres operate, however, it appears that when you call with a problem you wait extortionately long times, however, call the sales department on the same number and you are answered immediately, which tends to indicate to me, that more staff may be needed in the "problem" section.

As for your suggestion to visit the shop, a) it was purchased online and b} we have no Virgin shop within 25 miles of where i live.

  peugeot man 15:10 08 Dec 2009

As a virgin customer I find the quickest and cheapest way to speak to an advisor is to ring 789 from my mobile. In fact I did this morning, I don't know if using 789 makes a difference but I was connected to someone straight away.

This advice assumes of course that you are able to make a call from your mobile.

  interzone55 15:43 08 Dec 2009

For fairly obvious operational reasons there are usually more people in sales than support - I'm pretty sure you'd do the same if you ran a company with a call centre.

Additionally, sales calls tend to be shorter than support calls, so they get through the calls more quickly...

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