Virgin Media Price Increase

  wids001 11:47 31 Aug 2010

Somehow I will be £3.00 a month better off!

Letter from Virgin Media that from September they are to increase the price of the sky Movies package & sky sports package by £2 each. However, as I am a "valued customer" instead of £4.00 my increase will only by £1.00 and they won't put mine up until October. Also, as the majority of their customers now receive paperless bills via the internet they are stopping the £1.00 discount, again from the October bill.

Now by my reckoning that means I will be paying an extra £2.00 per month, yet according to their letter, as a "valued customer", instead of being hit with the full £5.00 increase (that I assume non-valued customers will have to pay) I will be saving £3.00 a month!

My bill actually show that I get Sky Movies & Sky Sports as a free add-on to my package at present. Now it's gonna cost £1 a month.

But I'm still gonna be £3.00 a month better off .... that's what it says!!!!

  ronalddonald 11:56 31 Aug 2010

making revenue yet telling porkies same on you virgin and you sir richard branson lets do it

  spuds 12:49 31 Aug 2010

Like all these 'special' offers, its only when you read the very small print that you truly understand it (perhaps!).

You can bet your bottom dollar, that the competitor is checking out the details for their customers wellbeing.

No company is going to give things away, especially if it means reduced director's pay and perks. The smaller shareholders are possibly in par with the customer ;o)

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