Virgin media package

  VNAM75 14:57 27 Jul 2009

I just renegotiated my package to:

TV (freeview channels)
Broadband (10 meg)
Telephone (free weekend calls)

Total per month £22.50. My previous package was same price but without the telephone. How does this compare with BT line packages (Sky, O2 etc)?

  xania 15:38 27 Jul 2009

Why are you paying for Freeview?

Broadband I get from Demon for £18 with no-where near the number of reported service breaks mt friends have told me about from Virgin.

Telephone - I pay about £6 a month for unlimited 01, 02, 03 free calls.

I did try the Sky package, but dumped their Broadband after 1 week and now everthing is separate.

The jury is still out.

  dagnammit 11:56 28 Jul 2009

£22.50 is good if that includes the line rental for the phone.

  VNAM75 20:31 28 Jul 2009

Yes, it does include line rental.

  dagnammit 22:37 28 Jul 2009

Then it's a good deal.

  BT 07:44 29 Jul 2009

If you want CABLE broadband from Virgin you have to have a TV package.

Cable Broadband is very reliable and as was reported yesterday is the only Broadband that comes anywhere near giving you the speed you pay for. I was originally on 2mbs and got a free upgrade to 10mbs recently,and typically get 8/9mbs.

As for service breaks, they rarely happen. The only one we have had in 4 years was after a nearby lightening strike. A friend on BT Broadband gets problems almost every week.

  ol blueeyes 10:43 29 Jul 2009

I have Virgin Cable Broadband and NOTHING else, perhaps that's my problem they over charge me and I only get something over 3mb when I should be getting upto 10mb. The over charge they will not give me a satisfactory answer to.
If I went into Tesco's and bought a Packet of Cornflakes and it was on upto 3/4 full I would complain and get a refund or a replacement. So why don't ISP's do the same.

  birdface 16:19 29 Jul 2009

This is the speed test that their engineers use.

What does it give you.If only 3 Mb and you are using a cable connection phone them and tell them that you want an engineer out.
Always better to run the speed test when nothing else is running on the computer.

  birdface 16:24 29 Jul 2009

oops. click here

  ol blueeyes 11:33 30 Jul 2009


Thanks have just tested with site you gave am now down to below 3. Will now phone Virgin.

  pjwheeldon 12:36 30 Jul 2009

I have phone and 10mb BB only.

Always found speed to be rock solid 9.7 - 9.9mb. Only had half dozen serious service issues in all years since BB began (Diamond Cable, NTL and Virgin)but did lose everything about a month ago for 4 days, and lost service for about 4 hours last week. Overall thought still significantly better than anyone I knwo who is forced to use phoneline BB.

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