Virgin Media losing.

  lisa02 12:52 21 May 2007

Have any of you switched to sky because of their spat with bskyb over channels??

Just been reading about them losing more customers than they are gaining click here it doesn't look good for them.

  Polygonal lass 13:39 21 May 2007

All of my services from Virgin (Phone, Broadband, Cable TV), have been working beautifully for over ten years, I see no reason to jump ship now.

I cannot comment on Customer Services as I have not used them for years.


  muscic lover 13:43 21 May 2007

polygonal... dont bother with customer services as they dont know what the words mean. service- poor. customer - kept on hold for over 2 hours in a queue.... i decided to see how long it really would take. but 2 hours......... too long

  Polygonal lass 14:16 21 May 2007

Music Lover

I have heard Customer Services is a nightmare; hopefully it will improve by the time I need to call them. I agree, two hours is intolerable.


  tammer 15:10 21 May 2007

and only had to wait for 3 or 4 minutes before getting through.

  freaky 15:48 21 May 2007

I have been with NTL Cable now Virgin, for years.

The NTL service was poor but fortunately I have not needed to contact them very often.

My attitude is "Better the enemy you know than the enemy you don't".

Recently there have been a lot of improvements to the Cable TV interface.

  lisa02 15:59 21 May 2007

I was with them for a couple of years but their billing process was poor, probably down to me changing packages every now and again, I was over charged with double packages appearing.

Sky seem to manage well, I turn the movies on for a few weeks to see the movies and then turn them off again. When I turn them on the bill comes in substantially higher and when I turn them off I get credit back, ntl never seemed capable of this and sky on the other hand are flawless.

As movies are constantly repeated I see good practice in turning them on for a short period and then off again until all the ones I've seen have stopped being shown.

On top of that I couldn't go back to virgin as they do not have SkyOne. Which is my most viewed channel.

  malcky66 19:19 21 May 2007

I have had problems with virgin billing;they double charged me for broadband;messed about with my cable service and I have phoned them half a dozen times to resolve the problems and am on hold for 30-40mins;initially you speak to a call centre in India who are polite but can't resolve your problem and you are then put through to a call centre in the UK.In summary;customer service is very poor but it wasn't much better with NTL but I am stuck with a contract for a year and then may switch.

  anthonystorey 21:52 21 May 2007

ive never had any major problems with service or waiting,2 hours is a long time but a good point is that you can call them for free from your cable phone.i do miss sky 1 though but for £35 i get 4meg unlimited,their top tv package and free evening and weekend calls, looking at 1/2 a meg if im lucky via bt line

  JYPX 22:09 21 May 2007

Would not dream of switching from Virgin although I confess that tv is not a big priority for me. It seems to be that everything is going to change later this year when we see 50 meg cable broadband from Virgin. In comparison to that, even a sky/bt adsl customer living in a flat above the exchange is going to feel like he has dial-up speed.

  VNAM75 22:53 21 May 2007

I requested to be changed from £25 4mb broadband to the 2 for £20 package (large tv and 2mb broadband) and £5.88 for an extra channel, which makes £25.88. They said at the time that I would get the XL tv upgrade for 12 months free (included in the price).

But they didn't downgrade me to the 2mb broadband and so charged me £25, and also charged me full price for the XL tv when they had told me earlier I would get it as a free upgrade - ie. it should have been £10 which is the price for the large tv. My bill some how came to £64.99 but should have been £25.88. I phoned them up about 4 times and none of them appeared to understand what they were doing when I explained it. Absolutely useless.

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