Virgin Media: fails again

  skeletal 13:02 22 Oct 2008

Yet again I have lost email.

I have gone to the Virgin site to check for service issues and that part of the site is no longer working.

I have dialled the service line and the number is permanently engaged.

So, a quick question that is only really relevant right now (1PM Wed 22 Oct): have others lost email/can’t get service info?

Or, if you can get service info, is the problem only in the B’ham area and does it say when it will be fixed??


I've lost e-mail too. I am in the North East.

I must admit it is very rare that this happens.

  pj123 14:07 22 Oct 2008

Everything working fine here (Norwich).

Just rung Virgin on 150 and they tell me that they don't have the Service Status on the website anymore. You have to ring them to find out if there are any problems in your area.

Bit of a bind but at least the phone call is free.

  skeletal 14:19 22 Oct 2008

Thanks both.

Looks like it is SNAFU from Virgin once again.

[email protected]: You are lucky, I lose email a lot, but I suspect I just notice more than many as I often work from home and interact via email many times per hour.

pj123: OH! So that explains why I can’t see the service status then; the one thing on the Virgin site that I do use. Nice of them to have a page saying “Sorry we don’t show service status any more as it is so bad as to be embarrassing. Please ring our permanently engaged phone No. instead.” And I am impressed you got through!


  March Hare 15:13 22 Oct 2008

VM Service status page still working for me :

click here

  Mary_S 15:25 22 Oct 2008

Hey Skeletal,
I dnt know if you read my post from this morning but I had problem with Virgin TV. It just cut off, when i tried to phone their helpline it was engage tone, rather then selecting options den put on hold. I suspect, they had alot of problems so masses of people where calling, and their phone service crashed. BUt then who knows with crappy Virgin.
Well my TV's working, well for now anyways, im sure it go again sometime soon, and their 150 appears to be back on track.
If you wanna be amused, just google virgin media complaints and be amused at some of the stories, it is customer service at its lowest!!

  skeletal 16:33 22 Oct 2008

Arrrgghh! I’ve just checked the service page and it is now working for me. Or is it? It actually said “no issues”. Hmmm. After five hours I still don’t have email; that is an issue for me!

Mary_S: Yes I had spotted your threads. I was actually doing a quick look round earlier to see if anyone else was having problems today, particularly as I could not get the service page, nor the help line. You could be right about lots of things going wrong.

I’ll have a look at others might cheer me up!


  skeletal 17:16 22 Oct 2008

Well! The phone system is working again and I got through to a service person.

Me: “Did you know email was down in the Midlands area, because your status page is showing OK?”
SP: “Yes, it is down across the whole country”
Me: “Oh, do you know when it will be fixed?”
SP: “No, because all our systems are down as well. Try ringing tomorrow for an update”



  Monoux 18:12 22 Oct 2008

The Email service was down for long periods on 7 8 & 9 October too. There is a freephone number you can call for service info 0800 0524329 although like everything to do with Virgin it is not very reliable.

  Mary_S 18:25 22 Oct 2008

Hi Skeletal,
With Virgin email giving so many problems can i ask why you use it. Why not create an hotmail account!! I never use my virgin mail, am I missing out on something here? Please do tell?

  skeletal 18:46 22 Oct 2008

Mary_S: You make a very good point! Firstly, I keep hoping they will one day sort it out properly. Secondly, there must be literally 100’s of people across Europe with my email address, many of whom also have me on distribution lists, so they would all have to update them. Thirdly, given the potential problems of the second, I am too lazy to do anything about it!

I suppose I could set up an emergency hotmail account so that, like today when I needed to set some data to a client, I could use it. I’d have to check size limits though, many of my emails are between 1 and 20 M.

Hot off the press: email just started working...but my client must have gone home by now!!!


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