Virgin Media To double Speed To Some

  Input Overload 09:41 11 Jan 2012

I 'think' it says that VM will double speed of those up to 50MegBits at no extra cost, & double allowances - if this is correct it's good news, if you are on 100MegBits you will get 120MegBits.

Now that 'BT Infinity' is offering Fibre To Cabinet, this competition which is always a good thing perhaps could have influenced this move by VM. From what I read recently BT Infinity also has large speed increases in the pipeline for 2012 also.

Sadly those out in the sticks are unlikely to benefit.

  frybluff 20:26 11 Jan 2012

As you say, good news, if true. Maybe, I'm just an old cynic, but when Virgin say they're doing something for MY benefit, it tends to send me rushing to read their "legal stuff"!

  Input Overload 23:30 11 Jan 2012

From my conversations esp. with the increasing use of 'Cloud' based programs what most users would find more useful is an increase in upload speeds not download.

I would certainly find that far more preferable than any download increase. With a 100MegBit down it seems you will get 10MegBit up tops, most users with probably get 8ish. Room for improvement there I think. I think VM's upload rule is 10% of download speed.

I don't know if that's the majority opinion or just representative of those I know?

  frybluff 07:54 12 Jan 2012

Very true. To be fair to Virgin, I do get virtually the download speed that I pay for (80 - 90%), but upload is often only a tenth of that. I don't KNOW, but presume, that upload speed is affected by one's EQUIPMENT, perhaps more so than download speed. I'm in the process of getting a better laptop, so will be interesting to see if that has any effect on upload.

  Input Overload 10:41 12 Jan 2012

frybluff, from my reading you are basically tied to 10% of your max quoted up speed. I'm on 100MegBit & get around 9.4 up & around 104 down. When they upgrade 100MegBit users to 120MegBit my theoretical upload will be 12MegBit.

Blurb from Virgin:-

  spuds 10:52 12 Jan 2012

But as already been pointed out, that there will be people who will not benefit at all. A few years ago, the government was stating that every home would have internet access with high speeds. And this seemed to indicate at the time, that this would all be done in a relatively short time. But so far, its never happened.

I get regular mailings from VM,Sky and BT about their improved and super speed services, and why I should switch to them, yet at the same time, when you start to read the small print, you tend to think that the promises might not be easy to meet, and especially more so, when you are tied to a new contract?.

  frybluff 11:43 12 Jan 2012


I don't know if it's TIED to 10%. It was 10% when I checked this a.m., but seem to recall, occassionaly, getting 20%. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, changes with Virgin's upgrade, and getting new laptop. I do tend to worry about anything Virgin says is free. It usually costs you something, even if not for a few months!

  birdface 22:22 13 Jan 2012

Got my Email today.

Good news - we're giving you even faster broadband, for less.

You're already getting the UK's fastest widely available broadband, and starting this summer we'll be starting the roll-out to boost your speeds from up to 100Mb to up to 120Mb. We'll also be lowering the price of your broadband package in April to match the price of our 50Mb Broadband XXL packages.

These are nice extras we do to make you smile. We call them Virgin Media tickles, and we only give them to people we know and like - our customers.

Our ongoing commitment to offering the UK's fastest broadband.

Virgin Media offers the fastest broadband speeds in the UK*, as proven by Ofcom for three years in a row. And we're committed to keeping it this way. Which is why we're upgrading our award winning fibre optic network over the next 18 months.

As part of this upgrade, you may have seen we'll be doubling many of our customers' broadband speeds. But, because you already get our fastest broadband, we're upgrading you to up to 120Mb and giving you a discount instead.

So whether you love streaming HD movies, ruling the gaming world or downloading tunes in super quick time - you'll soon be able to do it even faster and for less.

You don't have to lift a finger.

The 120Mb upgrade kick off in the summer and will have a slightly different roll-out schedule to our other work. We'll let you know nearer the time when to expect your broadband speed boost. In the meantime, see what you can do with faster speeds at

We'll be in touch in a few weeks with more details about your price reduction, so there's no need to call us, or do a thing – except keep enjoying what is already the UK's fastest broadband.

Kind regards,

[because you already get our fastest broadband, we're upgrading you to up to 120Mb and giving you a discount instead. ]

Well I only get 10Mb just now so wonder if they are going to start giving me the 120mb package.Fat chance.

  wiz-king 08:53 14 Jan 2012

buteman Dont hold you hopes up too high. I got that email tto but a few hours later got this one.

" Hello there,

Oops! That last email, 100Mb Broadband Announcement, was sent in error.

Please ignore this, and rest assured current Virgin Media Cable Broadband customers will be receiving some good news about their broadband in the next 2 weeks. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The Virgin Media team"

  sunnystaines 09:38 14 Jan 2012

sky, virgin, bt, all increasing bb speeds. I am with talk talk any news on them get these 50mb plus speeds? looks like they are being left behind.

  frybluff 09:44 14 Jan 2012

Says it all!! My attitude is, I'll believe it when I see it. I will also watch out for, in a few months time, the email that begins "In order to maintain our position at the cutting edge of broadband provision, it is necessary........"

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