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  Jarvo 22:45 29 Jun 2009

Is it just me or are all Virgin media customers getting a raw deal on broad band?
After having a slow cable connection for the last two weeks I phoned Virgin and received excellent service a new modem was dispatched within 48 hrs and my speed back to 10mb. But here lies my problem that has totally dumfounded me, looking at the Virgin website for the faults number I noticed that 10mb was now £10 per month and 20mb now £20 per month, I have been paying £24 per month for many years! Maybe I have missed a speed upgrade I thought so I rang Virgin and to my surprise I was told that no I am paying the correct amount as an existing customer and could not have the same package as a new customer. I explained that I was not asking for the 3 months half price that a new customer would get but just to pay the same amount per month as the new customer would pay for duration of contract for either service, “sorry we cant help that’s only for new customers” I was told by both a service advisor and supervisor. As I explained to no avail that I have had Comcast / NTL / Virgin telephone, TV and internet for 15 years plus and as a loyal customer I feel highly aggrieved that I can not have the same cost of service as any other customer. Can you imagine going into Tesco’s “do you have a loyalty card sir” “yes” “well that will be twice the price on the advert then” we would all walk out (but seen as Virgin have a monopoly on cable not as easy to do). I plan to write to the chief executive and try and have this crazy policy reversed but first have any of the form user’s come across this and how do you feel.


  Kevscar1 23:42 29 Jun 2009

cancel and Switch if you are not happy

  dagnammit 23:51 29 Jun 2009

Call and say you're leaving... this is the first time I've heard about Virgin refusing to match new customer packages. Especially as it's only £4... (I mean to them) £4 is hardly worth losing a customer over.

I'm on a VIP deal which I'm more than happy with... my service is 10/10. I'll be calling up when the year is done for a better deal. Been with them for years and change packages year on year to get the best value. Currently got click here and would like the 50mb when it's available hopefully at the end of summer.

  dagnammit 23:52 29 Jun 2009

VIP is £88 per month.

  Jarvo 00:12 30 Jun 2009

I asked about cancellation and they said they could do that 30 day notice. I could easily do this but would mean changing not only my isp but phone and TV, I am going to fight this as I see virgin as the only true fight against the Sky monopoly and have had many years of reliable service, but if they dont budge I will jump!dagnammit I pay around £80-100 pounds per month for the XL TV and tint and phone thats whats annoying me that I am losing £4 per month and 10mb speed or £14 per month for the same service. I wonder how many other loyal users are paying this without realizing

many thanks for your replies


  D@ve 01:02 30 Jun 2009

I went through EXACTLY the same process as you several months ago. The guy from Virgin was also saying "it's usual business procedure to entice new customers with a promotion" and did not seem to understand that I was referring to the fact that AFTER the promotion finished that they were still paying far less than me.

After a lot of phone calls over the course of several months, I eventually spoke to a lady that was finally prepared adjust my price, on the condition that I would enter a new 12 month minimum contract. I never actually threatened to leave, since I would much rather a cable connection over an ADSL one, but during that call the line cut towards then end (my fault), and when I phoned back to ensure it had gone through, the new operator read the notes out and the reason I was offered the new price was recorded as being that I threatened to leave (even though I didn't), so that must be the key to the customer service rep getting a manager's approval!

  D@ve 01:08 30 Jun 2009

I opted to be upgraded from the L package at £25/month to the XL package at £20/month. I could have also kept the L package and paid £14/month or whatever the advertised price was.

  birdface 10:34 30 Jun 2009

2mb used to be £19 a month .You are now getting 10Mb for £10 a month and you are still not happy.

  keef66 10:54 30 Jun 2009

The OP says he's paying £24 a month for 10mb but a new customer gets it for £10

  dagnammit 11:22 30 Jun 2009

If you're really paying that much for TV and what not... why not upgrade to the VIP package I am on?

  Terry Brown 13:54 30 Jun 2009

I was paying a high price to Virgin, until I complained and threatened to leave.
The price I pay now is :-

Telephone line rental 11.00
TV Size XL 23.00
Broadband l (10mb) 25.00

Discount (Loyalty bonus)

Total package is £37.00

I could get it slightly cheaper from Sky, however I like the download speeds -- Normally between 8-9 mb, and the choice of programs you can see when you want, and the free music downloads on TV on demand.

Occasionally I get a 'technical' hitch, a quick free phone call and it is normally sorted.

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