Virgin Media Broadband Problem East / North London

  Mary_S 12:17 29 Dec 2010

Hi guys,

We are experiencing broadband problems. My partner has already posted in the VM forum but no one has replied yet. Hence, leaving a link here to the forum to give it more exposure :)

click here

If anyone living in the area is also facing problems please do say.

Unfortunately from past experience when there is a problem with VM service you have to direct them on how to do their job as the engineers and phone support is ordinary at best.


  ajm 13:13 29 Dec 2010

Click click here to get a much more accurate status

  Mary_S 14:20 29 Dec 2010

I have.

Shows everything as fine but it is not.

  spuds 15:00 29 Dec 2010

Most ISP's suffer from problems, sometime or another. I have had a few over the past month.

Bombarding them with forum complaints will not resolve any issues, but a direct approach through your account might?.

  Terry Brown 15:06 29 Dec 2010

First - Have you checked the Local connections, as it sounds like a bad connection locally.

1- Is this a Wireless or Cable connection.

If wireless, it could be a bad signal from your modem to the computer, If the modem is near the computer, try using a cable connection.

2- As above , if cable connection, unplug cable and reverse, Modem end to computer and visa-versa, or new cable.

3-- Are you going through a router?, if so disconnect the router and try a direct connection.
It has been known for a router to fail.

4- As you are sending this via an internet connection, you must have another computer working, is this on the same Virgin connection. If so, I would recheck my network connection on the computer that has problems.


  Forum Editor 15:21 29 Dec 2010

Making a nuisance of yourself on the phone is the best route to a solution.

I notice that in your post on the Virgin Media forum you say (with regard to the engineer) "he simply replaced my modem without looking into other reasons which may be causing the problem."

Presumably you were there when he did this, and presumably the new modem did the trick, otherwise the engineer wouldn't have left. Are you saying that the new modem worked, but things have deteriorated since then?

  Mary_S 15:53 29 Dec 2010

Forum Editor,
I was not present during the engineers first visit.
At the time of this visit the problem was an intermittent loss of connection. While he was in my house I believe the connection was working but when I arrived home I had loss connection again.
In the last 48 hours I have nad no connection what so ever.
I am at work which is why I am able to post messages on this forum. I have disconnected all cables and rebooted the modem. (First Engineer Visit replaced the modem entirely).
Yes ISPS do have problems. I can perfectly understand that. However, my current and past experience with VM is that when a problem arises they never resolve it effciently. Instead it drags on and on and I end up having countless arguments over the phone.

I can give you several examples but I'll save that for another time.

  spuds 16:16 29 Dec 2010

You don't need to give me examples, because I can offer you a few. On Christmas Day I received two email from two different customer relations people, explaining how they sympathised with my frustrations,and that they had uprated the complaint to level 2. This was in respect of a problem that I had a month ago, and have partially resolved myself, having not heard from them previously, except for the initial auto-response email.

But having said that, I hope that you soon get your problem resolved.

  birdface 18:28 29 Dec 2010

I suppose you tried the normal way of turning the modem off for a minute and then back on again.
If using XP click on the local area connection and press repair.
If it cant fix it it should tell you what the problem is.
Or try Event Viewer that should tell you what the problem is.

One time I was having trouble with my Virgin Media connection, it turned out to be that the cable running in to my house and to the modem was being crushed by a piece of furniture on its way. Perhaps worth a check?

I'm inclined to think that whatever is causing your issue is not a widespread problem, and possibly isolated to your home. Virgin Media have many, many customers so if this was a widespread issue, they'd have hundreds of people phoning up and reporting it which, presumably, they don't.

  Terry Brown 07:56 30 Dec 2010

Have a look at the lights on the modem to see if they are constant. All lights on, except for the data light should be Green and steady.If they are you will need to recheck your computer.

Normally VM will check the signal strength before they send an engineer out.

If you have a VM Telephone and /or TV are they OK, if not it could be the feed to the house that is the problem or a damanged cable /connection in the house

Do you have access to another computer (i.e. Laptop) which you could plug into the modem to check it, or could you borrow one?.

I agree VM do have their faults, like any organisation, however as the modem has been replaced (and I assume tested at the time)it points to a local problem.(ref wed 29-12-10-- Time 15.06)

Try the above, if that fails Telephone VM and ask them to check the signal strength to the modem- This can be done from their office.

If you have any other connections between the Modem and a computer, they will have to be disconnected and a direct connect made.

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